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Best Sellers: Readers Fandom or Film Series Magic

Over the last few years I can’t help but take note of the influx of best sellers to hit the big screen. Even network TV isn’t immune to the takeover of popular books. The invasion of these works to the big and small screen seems to be running rampant, undoubtedly in search of the next big thing to pull respective fan bases under the same spell that captured them as die-hard readers.

Now there have been more than a few box office failures and small screen cancellations, but does that truly diminish the magic that those well composed books created in the first place. For me, nothing takes the place of the creativity poured out over the pages of a good book, not even that of a work that has managed to tip over into film. So here I stand (or sit), torn as a reader/moviegoer. I’m a somewhat super fan of way too many book series to name. Yet I can’t help but be pulled into the intrigue of seeing some of my favorite works see the light of the big and small screens. And this is where my book and movie fandom comes into play.

Does a best seller need to be confined to the glorious pages of a book? Or should it be set free to transform into the interpretation of film magic?


Book Reviewers: Etiquette of Truth

Over the last few months of my massive reading spree I have been on, I found a giant pool of both mainstream and Indie authors whose literary brilliance I have wholeheartedly fell in love. I discovered most of these creative muses during many of my perusing sessions on Amazon.  Many of which I took a chance on after reading through a few “reviews” that other readers had left behind. These were stories and book series carefully and fantastically crafted by little known writers. Some books so fantastic that  I just couldn’t bear to put down until that last page was flagged as the end.

Now I found that many reviewers offer very insightful or sometimes critical “opinions” regarding other authors works. But there are some that use it as a platform to leave behind blatant and sometimes nasty tirades. While I do recognize that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion,  I must revisit something my mother used to tell me back in the day. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

I mean it’s good to voice your opinion over books, arts,  or things that you simply don’t or didn’t care for, but calling someone’s elses work “crap” I feel is truly uncalled for and doesn’t really serve or highlight your point very well.  Which is why I decided to take on this topic in my return blog post.

Where or should there be a line drawn  between opinion and common etiquette when posting reviews regarding another’s work? Or is it simply an aspect of freedom of speech and should be overlooked?

Since I usually just take another’s “opinion” as I would a grain of salt, especially in reading book reviews, this post is mostly just out of the curiosity of an avid.

Readers Dilemma: Indie Vs. Mainstream Authors

Finding myself on the tail-end of finishing another book series, I’m on the hunt for another literary treasure to bask in for the summer.  My last two or three book series I have indulged in this year have been by Indie authors. I have no complaints.  Actually I have nothing but praise for the ones that have been able to put out arguably some of the most intriguing works of fiction worthy of standing side by side with the novel giants flooding the mainstream best seller lists.  Through high-powered networking and book lover sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, and yes even through my Twitter community, I have come across an  array of suggestions, enough to fill my reading agenda for the rest of 2012. Although, as always I am an impassioned supporter of the Indie authors out there,  especially the  ones working tirelessly through various social networking venues to get their books out to the world. I do admit to panning through a best sellers list or two on occasion just to check out the current hot books on the scene today.  So my quandary to kick off my summer reading trail is do I jump on the wave carrying a series currently leading the best seller pack….”50 Shades of Grey” at the moment? Or do I venture back out into the sea of Indie authors in hopes of finding another eclectic literary gem set? Hmm, like I said……Dilemmas…..Dilemmas!

Summer Reading Lists……What’s Good?

Not yet summer, but I am already finding myself hungry for my next book series to take on.  And Yes I’ve already tackled the mouth-watering “Hunger Games”.  I’ve been debating about to re-read the “oldies but goodies” the classics that sparked my love of reading to begin with….Po, Dickens, Austen, C.S. Lewis, and yes even Judy Blume, and the countless other authors that many of us fell in love with their works in our youth. I’ve even been scouting Amazon, Goodreads, the local library, and even some of my Twitter “friends” for suggestions on what’s worthy to take on.  In the midst of my pursuit of the perfect summer series I have stumbled upon a fair number of Indie authors.   I’m actually finishing up the “Celestra”, a series that I started in the middle of Spring by a very promising new Indie author by the name of Addison Moore. Wasn’t expecting much when I started her books, but was beyond amazed at how carefully she crafted her modern-day angelic nephilim storyline that keeps you wrapped you up in the plights of her teenage characters. So with this series coming to a close for me,  I am vastly anticipating my next summer literary thrill to fall in love with.  So what’s good out there?