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Best Sellers: Readers Fandom or Film Series Magic

Over the last few years I can’t help but take note of the influx of best sellers to hit the big screen. Even network TV isn’t immune to the takeover of popular books. The invasion of these works to the big and small screen seems to be running rampant, undoubtedly in search of the next big thing to pull respective fan bases under the same spell that captured them as die-hard readers.

Now there have been more than a few box office failures and small screen cancellations, but does that truly diminish the magic that those well composed books created in the first place. For me, nothing takes the place of the creativity poured out over the pages of a good book, not even that of a work that has managed to tip over into film. So here I stand (or sit), torn as a reader/moviegoer. I’m a somewhat super fan of way too many book series to name. Yet I can’t help but be pulled into the intrigue of seeing some of my favorite works see the light of the big and small screens. And this is where my book and movie fandom comes into play.

Does a best seller need to be confined to the glorious pages of a book? Or should it be set free to transform into the interpretation of film magic?


Channeling your Inner Story

Sometimes you can’t help but find yourself at a crossroads with the story that has played on repeat. One that has wholeheartedly triggered your writing inspiration, one that has pulled you into the plight of your characters and maybe a to die for plot twist. Yet somewhere along the way the passion that you were once swept up in, with that amazing story that you brought to life has somehow diminished on some level. Somewhere along the line, the spark that probably kept you up writing on countless nights has all but dwindled. This seems to be an unfortunate place that I have found myself dwelling in as of late these past few weeks.

I can clearly recall channeling all that I had into every word and intricate detail of any and everything that I would write. Yet now I find myself struggling with even putting out words comprised of a decent 140 character these days. And now it has become a bit of a task of revisiting a piece of work that has colored my writers soul for the past few years. I have faced the writers roadblock on more than one occasion, yet it always feels fresh in defeat for me when I am unable to channel the heart of my writing best.

Inspiration is a luxury that unfortunately not everyone will possess or collide with in their life’s pursuits. But I am hopeful that this phase too will pass and I’ll be back in the writing saddle soon again (no pun intended, I promise).

Classic Summer: Reader’s Throwbacks

As summer fast approaches I can’t help but feel the nostalgic vibe of wanting to sink into a zone of contentment, familiarity, and comfort. Of course it shall be rerun city as all of my favorite TV shows go on hiatus. But I can wholeheartedly take comfort that there never has to be a break in my reading. Usually during this time of the year Amazon, the library, and of course my Kindle are my favs for the in between times of summer outside of work and spending time with the family. But this summer I can’t help but surrender to my need to revisit the past…..my book past. I have a feeling that several throwbacks of the past few years (and maybe some from my younger years) will undoubtedly find their way on the path of my summer reading list. I am already in the process of taking my trip down readers lane to accommodate what is sure to drive my summer. And I already have an idea of what my summer throwbacks will be. But I am always more than happy to hear of any worthy book recommendations to help compile my summer reading list. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome in the world of this reader. Happy summer reading to all!!!!

The Flash Of Summer

Seriously I almost can’t even fathom that as summer fast approaches its significance carries more than just the promise of vacations, breaks from school, and unfortunately for many of us the likes of an impending heat wave. It also marks the halfway point of the year, igniting the all to common cliché’ of “time flies’. Yet for me it is the turning tide signaling not only having carefree days under the sun or enjoying the endless stream of summer blockbusters. It also carries with it a poignant reminder of the continuum of time that never sleeps, stops, slows, nor bows down to anyone. As the seasons prepare to change hands, I’m now staring blindly into my own personal headlights of life reflecting on where and how I started the year and the personal and professional journeys that I’ve made thus far. Summer seems to hold my life pursuits dangling right out in front of me. It’s a time where I can take a moment to look back at the big and small achievements or changes that I’ve made in my life. But it also is the time of the year where I feel most compelled to draw out new life ventures as well. I’ve discovered that this is the season that personally fuels the creative and motivating side of my life’s drive. And as these areas of my life spike in a seemingly fast forward state of motion, I can’t help but fall into the all too good-natured common cruise of the life and times of summer. For me that means acknowledging, yet not dwelling on past efforts, whether good or bad embedded within the last few months. But instead choosing to ride out the fly by days of this season soaking up all the potential in its flashing path. Long live the great forthcoming days of summer.

YA Best Sellers to Movies: Taking The MainStream Jump

Only a few days away until another best seller hits the big screen. This one in particular is headed down the familiar YA teen market eyeing big dreams of manifesting into mainstream success. It’s been a while since phenom franchises like Harry Potter, Twilight, and current heavy weight Hunger Games have swept tweens (and many parents) under their big-ticket spells. Now we have Divergent, delivered by best seller Veronica Roth, which is the current contender and seems to hold a vial of promise at reviving the Young Adult market. Yet given the growing number of box office failures of this genre lately, (which all shall remain nameless in this post) with many of the series that were poised as pure gold in pulling in its respective readers, many have spawned epic fails at delivering the same book magic to the big screen. As an avid reader as well as being a mom of two of todays youth not to mention a die-hard movie goer, I can’t help but wonder about the fizzle that keeps taking place as of late with these phenomenal tales that just seem to dwindle at the box office.

Could it be casting, lack of audience power, or maybe just the screen writers veering too far from the very plots and stories that initially captured, incited, and inspired countless fandom hearts alike? Whatever the rationale, reason, or case, I just couldn’t help but throw in my two cents on this ongoing YA bust manifesting itself on repeat. And I do so latching onto a sliver of hope at breaking the current YA blockbuster market slump soon. Readers and movie buffs alike desperately await your return.

The Mark of Summer

It’s officially been a week into summer and the heat has truly been on….figuratively and literally in many respects. This is the half way point of the year where many of us, like myself, are assessing accomplishments thus far. Whether of a professional or on a personal level the summer can serve as that pivotal point of the year to reflect. But with that being thrown out there, summer also holds certain elements of just living blithely. Affording ourselves times of leisure filled with family vacations, breaks from school, or even just a few lazy days in-between enjoying the warmth of the sun or fire fly hunting and stargazing at night (my mom time btw).

Whatever your pleasure, I think we can all agree that when summer rolls around it marks each of us in its own way. Some ways may serve to inspire or ignite that spark in our everyday lives that more than warms our soul. For me it’s the aura of sunlit days and the warm summer nights that tugs at the inner writer in me. And in the latter also seems to make my summer reads just that much sweeter. Summer is my the time of stolen moments to just incite the nonchalant of my world.

Quite simply put, summer is my season of feel good.