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So it’s been a good minute since I’ve ventured into the pinning down and pouring out my thoughts onto this blog (or anywhere else for that matter).  To say a lot has happened in my life, and probably the lives of countless others would be an understatement to say the least.  So welcome 2017.

I watched a ball drop, watched one of my favorite singing icons drown in “mishaps”, and yet again, pen my wishful resolutions to take shape in this bright and shiny New Year ahead….but at this very moment, as I sit here keying and taking in this extraordinaire thing called everyday life I can’t help but flash back to the blur that we called 2016.

As the days continue to tick onward regardless of where we find ourselves, each passing year I continue to hold onto one particular constant.  My love of books. My beacon of happiness that I have come to find usually embedded within the pages of a good book. It’s amazing what joy, inspiration, or even just a simple distraction a good story can play,  running rampant against the confines of mere pages….the colorful chalk outline of my clarity….



Spring Cleaning: Polish, Revamp, Revisit the Writer In You

Spring has finally arrived (at least calendar wise) for many of us. It’s the season of anew in the world, but what does or can that mean for the writer tinkering away within each of us? Words, ideas, and the passion behind both can be limitless in the growth and power of bringing our writing goals to life. So whether it’s revising something old, borrowing from a mainstream trend, or simply stepping out to create something wonderfully new, let’s welcome the season of reawakening our own personal writer, the soulful gift inside of each and every one of you…..My Spring rhyme time!!!! 🙂