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So it’s been a good minute since I’ve ventured into the pinning down and pouring out my thoughts onto this blog (or anywhere else for that matter).  To say a lot has happened in my life, and probably the lives of countless others would be an understatement to say the least.  So welcome 2017.

I watched a ball drop, watched one of my favorite singing icons drown in “mishaps”, and yet again, pen my wishful resolutions to take shape in this bright and shiny New Year ahead….but at this very moment, as I sit here keying and taking in this extraordinaire thing called everyday life I can’t help but flash back to the blur that we called 2016.

As the days continue to tick onward regardless of where we find ourselves, each passing year I continue to hold onto one particular constant.  My love of books. My beacon of happiness that I have come to find usually embedded within the pages of a good book. It’s amazing what joy, inspiration, or even just a simple distraction a good story can play,  running rampant against the confines of mere pages….the colorful chalk outline of my clarity….



First Down: January Reading in Review

Can’t believe that we are almost through the first month of the new year. We are now on the horizon of an impending Super Bowl, in the midst of surviving under a blanket of a savage deep freeze that has spanned from north to south and east to west, sporadically and in many places uncharacteristically. We have also celebrated and commemorated the life and work of an inspirational and powerful bridge of peace that is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And these are just a few moments that have catapulted us into the new year, some of which are hopefully riding the tails of being over soon (not of fan of being frozen).

But with this being the last weekend of January, I can’t help to press rewind on the past few weeks of my personal and professional life. I’m off with a bang at work, also known as (the day job) with cross training and engulfing myself into a span of new roles that will undoubtedly serve to enhance my skills and value as an employee, which is never a bad thing in my opinion. On the home front I have also made family time a priority each day, not just on the weekends like in times past. Reading, family outings (when temperatures permit), and each Saturday is well spent nose and spirit deep within the confines of our public library. This was a family voted upon place of leisure (except for the hubby who stood alone in his vote of ESPN and a particular couch ), the rest of us opted for a place where the kids and I love to get lost in each Saturday morning well into the early afternoon.

So far our January has consisted of multiple trips in-between the week checking out and checking in countless books for each of us. My son has also re-discovered his NOOK and has happily engaged in late night reading of a few must read book series of his own. And I couldn’t be prouder of my kindergartener’s pursuit of discovering her own love of learning to read. January has truly been the kick off month of reading in our home. So my review thus far has left me happy and eagerly awaiting all that the coming months of this beautiful new year has in store.