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Saving A Writers Light

Now that daylight savings time has arrived and is still settling into the life routines of most of us, I have to admit that I’m glad for it. No, not for the hour less sleep, or the groggy Monday morning beginnings to kick start the work week for many of us (though coffee shall serve undoubtedly as the quintessential BFF for the early part of the week. No, I am able to take comfort in what Daylight savings presents to the writer in me.  The light.  Or more importantly being creatively  fueled by the longer light embedded within each day.

For me daylight savings time always serves as the reemergence of Spring, the signal of rejuvenation within the change of seasons. The rebirth of creativity of my writing.  It serves as my beacon of inspiration to hopefully land me back on the trails of creativity that has been all but been buried beneath this past winters cold.  My words, my story, and oh yes the writer in me welcomes you back with open arms.  Now let us begin…….


To finish or not to finish: Book Series Dilemma

Have you ever started a book series, one that for whatever reason after book one or two left you faced with a lack of interest in finishing the series? Maybe because of a poorly written plot, or just the killing off of a central character that kind of grew on you.

I myself have recently faced this dilemma and was only pushed to read the subsequent follow-up books only because I wanted to support the author. And although I am a fan of the author’s previous works, I was left a little underwhelmed by their latest book, so now I have found myself at an unfamiliar place of whether or not I even want to continue the authors series. Books that I had fallen head over heels in love with, I am now finding it hard to even make myself finish the current book.

Always a supporter of those who bear their hearts, souls, and ideas in print for the world, however, I do wonder has there ever been a moment or time where you faced a readers dilemma that left you in fan peril of a favorite book series or authors work?

The Untamed Imagination: A Thing Of Literary Beauty

For the past few years I have been going back and forth on a story idea that seems to branch out into a multitude of plots, sub plots, ever shifting settings, and of course the occasional change-up of a trend-setting character name or two. Like many aspiring writers the sporadic ideas that randomly surface during a work in progress back story are what fuel our drive behind the stories that we write. It’s what shadows the gateway leading to discovering just how deep passion and determination runs within each page that we push out.

The sometimes fickle creative seeds plotted out as each chapter unfolds only deepens for many of us. Each sentence or idea becomes an extension of something greater at work, taking shape and pulling a story into tangles of endless possibilities. Lead by an untamed imagination, both unfiltered and doused in a limitless creative mindset is what spurs out the truth embedded within literary greatness. This is the by-product of an untamed imagination. The behind the scenes workings of a writer’s mind. A beautiful work of untamed art written, produced, and guided purely by the unrelenting, never to be tamed writer in you.

Facet of Writing: Challenges To Your Best

Still in hot pursuit of a story that I’ve been working on off and on again for the past few years. But only just recently have I come to realize one major battle that I have been waging with myself. Perfection. I must have changed character names, settings, even revised the plot on occasion when things didn’t seem to mesh at different points throughout the book. I realized now that one of my biggest struggles has always lied within challenging my best. No matter what I write, once I stop, breathe, and re-read my work it almost always feels as though I could do better. Whether it’s cleaning up a chapter that I would notice didn’t flow quite as concisely as others, or even trying to “perfect” my protagonist, I always find myself either scrapping some part of my work or embellishing lines or scenes to feed my need for my “brand” of perfection.

While I love the challenge of throwing my all into a story, because after all for many authors, whether they are experienced or just getting their feet wet in the writing pool, your story is yours and yours alone. Your baby in a sense, since you birth, nurture, and devote so much of your time and care into spawning your creative best. What you write is your pride and joy. A piece of yourself that you daringly share with your readers. It’s that something that can define an aspect of your life’s success in a sense. But for me at the moment I have found myself stifled by an inability to creatively move forward, road blocked by my own need to put out “my” best of the best. And while I recognize that pride can play both a positive and negative in any aspect of your life, it should not be what drives your productivity.

Now comes the hard part of finding the balance with writing that propels me forward out of my self-imposed pits of pride and prejudice. So here’s to a little luck and a whole lot of patience.

Summer Reading Lists……What’s Good?

Not yet summer, but I am already finding myself hungry for my next book series to take on.  And Yes I’ve already tackled the mouth-watering “Hunger Games”.  I’ve been debating about to re-read the “oldies but goodies” the classics that sparked my love of reading to begin with….Po, Dickens, Austen, C.S. Lewis, and yes even Judy Blume, and the countless other authors that many of us fell in love with their works in our youth. I’ve even been scouting Amazon, Goodreads, the local library, and even some of my Twitter “friends” for suggestions on what’s worthy to take on.  In the midst of my pursuit of the perfect summer series I have stumbled upon a fair number of Indie authors.   I’m actually finishing up the “Celestra”, a series that I started in the middle of Spring by a very promising new Indie author by the name of Addison Moore. Wasn’t expecting much when I started her books, but was beyond amazed at how carefully she crafted her modern-day angelic nephilim storyline that keeps you wrapped you up in the plights of her teenage characters. So with this series coming to a close for me,  I am vastly anticipating my next summer literary thrill to fall in love with.  So what’s good out there?