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Book Escapades: Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Now that we are truly on the edge of another summer’s end has left me thinking about just how my 2015 summer reading journey began. Thinking back, I recall making a change-up of sorts, shifting genre gears, breaking out of my customary book zone of all things YA. Instead I found myself at some point taking trips down roads of age-old classics, tripping down the sideways of the lands of paranormal, and even making a few fantastically winding detours down the historical fictions and sci-fi lanes of the engagingly wonderful. So to say that I happily found my great escape with more than a few notable reads, would be more than an understatement.  Books are forever my escape into the wilds of an author’s colorful imagination, but this summer was truly my road trip of amazing.  And as the sun settles on the cusp of summer, lowering one season onto the bridge of another, it will be this book reader/writer’s pleasure to dip into the folds of Fall.


NanoWriMo: Catching the Fever

Time sure does fly. It’s almost hard to believe that the writers frenzy known as NanoWriMo is nearly upon us. I am proud to say that I am three for three in the years that I have entered and at times, though grueling, poured out my writing heart to reach the 50,000 word finish line. My first year I had no idea what I was in for. I was completely unprepared and winded up slaying word after word relentlessly just to reach my goal during that last and final week. No outline. No premise. Not even characters had been created, though I had an inkling of an idea back then of the genre and of course the perfect male centerpiece to swoon over. Other than that my first venture into the land of NanoWriMo was completely a blank slate.

My second year, I was a little better prepared, and of course learned the most important lesson during this writing craze, which was…..editing must be non-existent. Last year, my third year, I started and kept up a surprisingly good pace with my word count, pounding out more on my weekends to make up for falling behind during the week to compensate for the family and day job plight. I was able to finish ahead of schedule and for some reason it was that last trek into Nano that I felt the most rewarded.

The Nano dance is the sweetest tango that writers, both aspiring and published can step to. It’s complete and utter unpolished writing freedom. No rules, no choreography, no conformity, just endless amounts of passion and creativity on overflow. Though I won’t be able to attend this years writing dance, I am so stoked for all the hoopla and the insurmountable writing frenzy that’s about to take over writer’s everywhere. So I’ll leave you with these parting words for all those participating this year….Coffee IS your friend, unleash your writing heart, and most importantly whether you finish or not….Congratulate yourself for catching the writing fever known as NanoWriMo.

Best Sellers: Readers Fandom or Film Series Magic

Over the last few years I can’t help but take note of the influx of best sellers to hit the big screen. Even network TV isn’t immune to the takeover of popular books. The invasion of these works to the big and small screen seems to be running rampant, undoubtedly in search of the next big thing to pull respective fan bases under the same spell that captured them as die-hard readers.

Now there have been more than a few box office failures and small screen cancellations, but does that truly diminish the magic that those well composed books created in the first place. For me, nothing takes the place of the creativity poured out over the pages of a good book, not even that of a work that has managed to tip over into film. So here I stand (or sit), torn as a reader/moviegoer. I’m a somewhat super fan of way too many book series to name. Yet I can’t help but be pulled into the intrigue of seeing some of my favorite works see the light of the big and small screens. And this is where my book and movie fandom comes into play.

Does a best seller need to be confined to the glorious pages of a book? Or should it be set free to transform into the interpretation of film magic?

The Flash Of Summer

Seriously I almost can’t even fathom that as summer fast approaches its significance carries more than just the promise of vacations, breaks from school, and unfortunately for many of us the likes of an impending heat wave. It also marks the halfway point of the year, igniting the all to common cliché’ of “time flies’. Yet for me it is the turning tide signaling not only having carefree days under the sun or enjoying the endless stream of summer blockbusters. It also carries with it a poignant reminder of the continuum of time that never sleeps, stops, slows, nor bows down to anyone. As the seasons prepare to change hands, I’m now staring blindly into my own personal headlights of life reflecting on where and how I started the year and the personal and professional journeys that I’ve made thus far. Summer seems to hold my life pursuits dangling right out in front of me. It’s a time where I can take a moment to look back at the big and small achievements or changes that I’ve made in my life. But it also is the time of the year where I feel most compelled to draw out new life ventures as well. I’ve discovered that this is the season that personally fuels the creative and motivating side of my life’s drive. And as these areas of my life spike in a seemingly fast forward state of motion, I can’t help but fall into the all too good-natured common cruise of the life and times of summer. For me that means acknowledging, yet not dwelling on past efforts, whether good or bad embedded within the last few months. But instead choosing to ride out the fly by days of this season soaking up all the potential in its flashing path. Long live the great forthcoming days of summer.

Today’s Emerging Books: What’s Your Story

Finally snagging a moment for myself this past weekend I took to Goodreads, Amazon, and even perused through a few books that have taken refuge on my Kindle, yet for one reason or another have remained unread. As usual I browsed through the countless stream of ever-growing books, yet couldn’t help but take notice of the new breeds of emerging books that are trying to make their imprint on the literary scene of today.

Of course there were the ever-present in flux of vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, along with a heavy make up of dystopian, attempting to ride the coat tails of the success of the Hunger Games and the newest catch of Divergent series. But when I found myself roving deeper into the tides of the YA and NA genres, (my reading babies) I was pleasantly surprised to find a few scatters of originality amongst them.

Believe it or not, I actually found more than just the sweet alluring taste of magic and mystic swept within the lines of a few well written synopsis and book endorsements. I actually found works penned in what many perceive as a lost art these days. The seeds of originality.

They were scattered about, though sinking into a market, taking root within the hearts of both Indie and mainstream readers/authors alike as many of these works have either captured or are in the beginning stages of developing a solid fan base. I must say that this pleases an avid reader such as myself on so many levels. I love being reminded that the YA/NA literary world (or the book world in general) is still growing strong and in ways that are pulling in new and old readers alike. So whether or not these works ever make it to the levels of solid mainstream success, I can wholeheartedly take comfort in the fact that there are authors/writers (new, old, and emerging) out there daring enough to step out on their own and share their respective creative genius, characters, and stories with readers of the world.

So if any of this post includes you, I’m just curious….What’s your story?

The Make Or Break of 2013: The Writer’s Grind

Well it’s official. 2013 is winding down to a whirlwind close. I myself just wrapped up my third attempt and successful finish to another NaNoWriMo writing frenzy this year. And after taking on such an exhausting, though self-fulfilling goal, I felt the need to pen a post reflecting on the state of writing goals, promises, and or milestones. For some these may have been reached, but for others, maybe unfortunately for one reason or another were left idle as roadblocks, discarded by the wayside of life. For me I had resolved a year or two ago to not bind myself to the restraints of self-imposed goals and to just take each writing challenge as it presented itself before me. So I haven’t backed down in trying to accomplish and make the most of what life has laid out for me, namely with the paving of my writing pursuits.

I’m proud to say that for the most part I have been productive, grasping at any and all time I’ve managed to steal for myself to pursue my writing passions. I haven’t drowned in any rough writing waters either that may have presented themselves in the form of writers block or lack of time due to the demands of my everyday life responsibilities either. For some, each passing year presents itself as a make or break challenge in achieving your set goals. For me, I’ve found it to be a test of wills. My own. This was yet another year of make or break in a sense, as to whether I make a solid effort in pursuing what drives my writing passion. Or do I break a part of myself from even trying? I know it’s a struggle for a lot of aspiring writers who may have faced more discouragement from yet another passing year of encountering more unrealized or unrequited success as a writer. But though the year is almost done, it doesn’t mean that you are.

2013 doesn’t have to be your make or break ventures into writing. Instead let it be a first or for some another stepping stone in finding out everything that you are slated to accomplish with your writing pursuits. Putting up another 50,000 plus words in the NaNoWriMo challenge was enough to convince me that my own writing dreams are more than just a possibility. They are merely my beginning.

So to add to yet another one of my impromptu posts on the makings of a writers life, I have to end by reminding all of the daring and creative writing minds out there that this year too may only have served as your beginning. That this year was simply your make or break challenge to keep you pushing on, to ink your own path to success on your terms, but most importantly, in your own time.

Linger, By Maggie Stiefvater….Book Two Amazing!

I love when I unwittingly stumble upon a good series that is so good that I lose track of time and part of myself being caught up in the plot and characters.  That takes me to the second book in the series, the Wolves of Mercy Falls, by Maggie Stiefvater.  Finished reading “Linger”  last night and was teary eyed from the last few chapter up till the end. So many back stories were exposed in this book and my heart was more than choked up by the pasts some of the characters had either tried to ignore, run from, or cover up. I was totally blown away and can’t wait to see how Grace, Sam, Cole, and Isabel, deal with the demons from their pasts, cope with the uncertainty of the future, and of course tackle the roadblocks in the way of a having their lives intermingled as wolves, teen/parental obstacles, and of course falling and being in love along the way.