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The Flash Of Summer

Seriously I almost can’t even fathom that as summer fast approaches its significance carries more than just the promise of vacations, breaks from school, and unfortunately for many of us the likes of an impending heat wave. It also marks the halfway point of the year, igniting the all to common cliché’ of “time flies’. Yet for me it is the turning tide signaling not only having carefree days under the sun or enjoying the endless stream of summer blockbusters. It also carries with it a poignant reminder of the continuum of time that never sleeps, stops, slows, nor bows down to anyone. As the seasons prepare to change hands, I’m now staring blindly into my own personal headlights of life reflecting on where and how I started the year and the personal and professional journeys that I’ve made thus far. Summer seems to hold my life pursuits dangling right out in front of me. It’s a time where I can take a moment to look back at the big and small achievements or changes that I’ve made in my life. But it also is the time of the year where I feel most compelled to draw out new life ventures as well. I’ve discovered that this is the season that personally fuels the creative and motivating side of my life’s drive. And as these areas of my life spike in a seemingly fast forward state of motion, I can’t help but fall into the all too good-natured common cruise of the life and times of summer. For me that means acknowledging, yet not dwelling on past efforts, whether good or bad embedded within the last few months. But instead choosing to ride out the fly by days of this season soaking up all the potential in its flashing path. Long live the great forthcoming days of summer.


Today’s Emerging Books: What’s Your Story

Finally snagging a moment for myself this past weekend I took to Goodreads, Amazon, and even perused through a few books that have taken refuge on my Kindle, yet for one reason or another have remained unread. As usual I browsed through the countless stream of ever-growing books, yet couldn’t help but take notice of the new breeds of emerging books that are trying to make their imprint on the literary scene of today.

Of course there were the ever-present in flux of vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, along with a heavy make up of dystopian, attempting to ride the coat tails of the success of the Hunger Games and the newest catch of Divergent series. But when I found myself roving deeper into the tides of the YA and NA genres, (my reading babies) I was pleasantly surprised to find a few scatters of originality amongst them.

Believe it or not, I actually found more than just the sweet alluring taste of magic and mystic swept within the lines of a few well written synopsis and book endorsements. I actually found works penned in what many perceive as a lost art these days. The seeds of originality.

They were scattered about, though sinking into a market, taking root within the hearts of both Indie and mainstream readers/authors alike as many of these works have either captured or are in the beginning stages of developing a solid fan base. I must say that this pleases an avid reader such as myself on so many levels. I love being reminded that the YA/NA literary world (or the book world in general) is still growing strong and in ways that are pulling in new and old readers alike. So whether or not these works ever make it to the levels of solid mainstream success, I can wholeheartedly take comfort in the fact that there are authors/writers (new, old, and emerging) out there daring enough to step out on their own and share their respective creative genius, characters, and stories with readers of the world.

So if any of this post includes you, I’m just curious….What’s your story?

Midnight Magic: Kindled Writer

As of late, my jolt of writing spells have come few and fewer in between. Looking through a few unfinished works recently, I could hardly believe how much I had actually accomplished with my writing. Page after page seemed to run endlessly from one burst of life to the next. From the stream of characters, the casual nature of plots, and even finding that at some point in time I had actually been capable of expanding my vocabulary tenfold was truly incredible to see. Now with all this being said, I am in NO way playing any song to my ego. But as I did take an opportunity to look back through my writing I discovered that I had surprised myself without even knowing. The surprise wasn’t so much the WHAT I had written, it was the fact that I HAD wrote.

I had developed a schedule, a plan, a rhyme and reason for pursuing my writing passion. It’s crazy to think back now that I had been a virtual writing machine, spilling out page after page of my built up creativity, exploring my love and depth of writing, my characters, and twisting plots out of nothing. THIS is my amazing surprise from myself. Not so much the value or worth of words. It was that I had actually made time, consistently to take on writing to the extent that I have the essential elements of what would constitute a working novel. So with that realization I can’t help but feel a small seeping of pride in knowing that writing had been not just a possibility but an actual priority at times.

I can clearly remember why and how I had pushed out so much. It was an act and arrangement so simple, one that I had made part of my everyday routine in between work and family obligations. Yet somewhere down the line it has faded to black. It wasn’t so much the pre-planned or penciled in moments that had spurred my writing output, it had been simply discovering when creativity would strike. For me that clock always struck after midnight. So yes here comes the cliché’ of “burning the midnight oil” will make a guest appearance now.

I have freedom that seems to spike up during the wee hours of the night that seems to foster and ignite my creative flow. I’m taking a chance that this small act of remembrance and subsequent actions of putting pen to paper will get me back into the writing game. And as always just curious to know if there is a particular time or place that lights your writing fuse?

First Down: January Reading in Review

Can’t believe that we are almost through the first month of the new year. We are now on the horizon of an impending Super Bowl, in the midst of surviving under a blanket of a savage deep freeze that has spanned from north to south and east to west, sporadically and in many places uncharacteristically. We have also celebrated and commemorated the life and work of an inspirational and powerful bridge of peace that is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And these are just a few moments that have catapulted us into the new year, some of which are hopefully riding the tails of being over soon (not of fan of being frozen).

But with this being the last weekend of January, I can’t help to press rewind on the past few weeks of my personal and professional life. I’m off with a bang at work, also known as (the day job) with cross training and engulfing myself into a span of new roles that will undoubtedly serve to enhance my skills and value as an employee, which is never a bad thing in my opinion. On the home front I have also made family time a priority each day, not just on the weekends like in times past. Reading, family outings (when temperatures permit), and each Saturday is well spent nose and spirit deep within the confines of our public library. This was a family voted upon place of leisure (except for the hubby who stood alone in his vote of ESPN and a particular couch ), the rest of us opted for a place where the kids and I love to get lost in each Saturday morning well into the early afternoon.

So far our January has consisted of multiple trips in-between the week checking out and checking in countless books for each of us. My son has also re-discovered his NOOK and has happily engaged in late night reading of a few must read book series of his own. And I couldn’t be prouder of my kindergartener’s pursuit of discovering her own love of learning to read. January has truly been the kick off month of reading in our home. So my review thus far has left me happy and eagerly awaiting all that the coming months of this beautiful new year has in store.

Dear Diary 2014

The first weekend of 2014 has stirred up bits and pieces of creativity and productivity to kick-start the new year. Since the stroke of midnight, where the old bowed out graciously and ever so quietly around my house, my mind seemed poised and set to prowl. Seeking and searching out new and unchartered paths, venturing down the roads of familiar and the potential trails of all the limitless possibilities embedded within the new year, I had a flashback to my youth. My teenage years to be exact. I can recall staying up late with my mom waiting as the clock struck down and feeling a rush of excitement in making a brush of promises to myself that I would hope to carry out throughout the course of the new year.

Back then I clung to a diary that I would jot down my hopes, goals, and resolutions to bring my new year to life. Those were the simple days. The random, yet completely fulfilling wishful antics of a child. And now, no longer a child, I can’t help but draw back to those moments in time. The enthusiasm of putting pen to paper, throwing caution to life’s wind with innocent hope in trying to achieve anything my heart desired. In those days (not that long ago btw), those daring promises mainly consisted of the usual adolescent ventures into what was considered typical, in many retrospect’s, fickle ruses of youth. But taking a step or two forward now, I have decided to intermingle past and present in regards to the new year. A blast from the past etched in the makings of the new me. A Diary. A place where instead of making self-imposed promises to myself, I will use as a life platform instead, notating my day-to-day accomplishments, no matter how great or small. My imprints of 2014.

Dear Diary…..Welcome back. You’ve been whole-heartedly missed.

The Make Or Break of 2013: The Writer’s Grind

Well it’s official. 2013 is winding down to a whirlwind close. I myself just wrapped up my third attempt and successful finish to another NaNoWriMo writing frenzy this year. And after taking on such an exhausting, though self-fulfilling goal, I felt the need to pen a post reflecting on the state of writing goals, promises, and or milestones. For some these may have been reached, but for others, maybe unfortunately for one reason or another were left idle as roadblocks, discarded by the wayside of life. For me I had resolved a year or two ago to not bind myself to the restraints of self-imposed goals and to just take each writing challenge as it presented itself before me. So I haven’t backed down in trying to accomplish and make the most of what life has laid out for me, namely with the paving of my writing pursuits.

I’m proud to say that for the most part I have been productive, grasping at any and all time I’ve managed to steal for myself to pursue my writing passions. I haven’t drowned in any rough writing waters either that may have presented themselves in the form of writers block or lack of time due to the demands of my everyday life responsibilities either. For some, each passing year presents itself as a make or break challenge in achieving your set goals. For me, I’ve found it to be a test of wills. My own. This was yet another year of make or break in a sense, as to whether I make a solid effort in pursuing what drives my writing passion. Or do I break a part of myself from even trying? I know it’s a struggle for a lot of aspiring writers who may have faced more discouragement from yet another passing year of encountering more unrealized or unrequited success as a writer. But though the year is almost done, it doesn’t mean that you are.

2013 doesn’t have to be your make or break ventures into writing. Instead let it be a first or for some another stepping stone in finding out everything that you are slated to accomplish with your writing pursuits. Putting up another 50,000 plus words in the NaNoWriMo challenge was enough to convince me that my own writing dreams are more than just a possibility. They are merely my beginning.

So to add to yet another one of my impromptu posts on the makings of a writers life, I have to end by reminding all of the daring and creative writing minds out there that this year too may only have served as your beginning. That this year was simply your make or break challenge to keep you pushing on, to ink your own path to success on your terms, but most importantly, in your own time.

Workings of A Novel Fear

With Halloween being literally just around the corner, I couldn’t help but tap into the trend of the Scarefests going on. Only I wanted to take on a slightly different path of the mass fear hysteria etching this October. Not of movies, books, or the likes of your favorite must see zombie TV shows. I wanted to touch on fear in a slightly different capacity. One that doesn’t make you jump or twist your nightmares into panicky sleepless nights, (although it’s a very real possibility for some of us). The fear that I wanted to address is the fear of that project, book, or novel that for one reason or another has left it still sitting idle, chained to the mercy of edits, re-writes, or just as that piece of work that a bout of self-doubt has temporarily placed it on a back burner in the current state of our day-to-day lives.

Now this fear I speak of is unrelenting for many of us. It may be that deep-seated eerie voice in the back of your mind that may be keeping your best efforts from seeing the light of mainstream day. Or maybe it’s that creepy feeling that may plague you, whispering that your work isn’t quite good enough. That maybe your best literary efforts don’t even warrant finishing. Or worse, that your writing isn’t up to par and that your work is destined to fall into the abyss of the never discovered. To many of us aspiring writers this may reek of fright in our personal lives and in reaching out to at least touch on a long sought after goal or dream. But with every nightmare there lies the inevitable. You wake up.

And it is that irrevocable truth that you must hold on to. It is the trust that somewhere along the line, at one time or another, you saw fit to place in your own desires, worth, and confidence in yourself that must overshadow the darkness that permeates this kind of fear. Casting out any and all self-doubt that hampers you in realizing your dreams as a valuable force of a writer must prevail. As writers we do travel a rocky and often times broken path that only our drive and determination can seal and cement along the way to success. And it is this realization and belief in ourselves that should be the light that shatters the mask of self-doubt that sometimes makes us fall prey to this fear. This is simply my earnest plea to hopefully keep the writing torch alive in each of us. So for good measure heed these simple, yet trend powerful words of today. Keep Calm and Stay Strong Against The Writers Fear Of Self Doubt.