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NanoWriMo: Catching the Fever

Time sure does fly. It’s almost hard to believe that the writers frenzy known as NanoWriMo is nearly upon us. I am proud to say that I am three for three in the years that I have entered and at times, though grueling, poured out my writing heart to reach the 50,000 word finish line. My first year I had no idea what I was in for. I was completely unprepared and winded up slaying word after word relentlessly just to reach my goal during that last and final week. No outline. No premise. Not even characters had been created, though I had an inkling of an idea back then of the genre and of course the perfect male centerpiece to swoon over. Other than that my first venture into the land of NanoWriMo was completely a blank slate.

My second year, I was a little better prepared, and of course learned the most important lesson during this writing craze, which was…..editing must be non-existent. Last year, my third year, I started and kept up a surprisingly good pace with my word count, pounding out more on my weekends to make up for falling behind during the week to compensate for the family and day job plight. I was able to finish ahead of schedule and for some reason it was that last trek into Nano that I felt the most rewarded.

The Nano dance is the sweetest tango that writers, both aspiring and published can step to. It’s complete and utter unpolished writing freedom. No rules, no choreography, no conformity, just endless amounts of passion and creativity on overflow. Though I won’t be able to attend this years writing dance, I am so stoked for all the hoopla and the insurmountable writing frenzy that’s about to take over writer’s everywhere. So I’ll leave you with these parting words for all those participating this year….Coffee IS your friend, unleash your writing heart, and most importantly whether you finish or not….Congratulate yourself for catching the writing fever known as NanoWriMo.


Navigating The Reader and Writer In You

As the end of summer fast approaches, each day seemingly a blur of personal and professional obligations that comprise the majority of my time, I decided to grab a quick moment just to share a few thoughts on what I can’t help but take as my summer shortcomings thus far. Though I felt as though my reading and writing goals started off strong towards the beginning of the year and even felt as though both were in full swing before the emergence of summer, I’m coming up short as of late. After checking in on my set book challenge on Goodreads, I realize that I am barely at my mark to meet my reading challenge by year’s ends. And I can’t help but feel like a complete slacker in regards to my still unfinished book.

See for me it seems as though this summer may have posed a slight distraction as of late. And in actuality I’m not referring to the carefree glory of summer. But instead speaking on the pitfalls of drowning in my day job. For me it’s been living a daily truth of not having (or making) enough time to simply enjoy two of my life’s leisure’s in between. Reading and my half-hearted attempt at writing. It’s been a tricky, and more times than I care to admit, bumpy road trip to fulfilling promises to myself that have served as more than just empty roads to my reader and writer happiness. It’s been filled with more than a few of life’s detours along the way, yet I find myself as the fork in the middle of this road that has run dead-end as of late.

The good thing (I think anyway), is that I recognize what has befallen me. Now it’s just a matter of mapping my way from the roadblock that I’ve somehow let become my summer detour. But like any and all detours I know that they are only temporary. The task will be in re-routing my goals, my joys, and set my reading and writing GPS course back towards fulfilling and navigating towards what makes me happy.

Classic Summer: Reader’s Throwbacks

As summer fast approaches I can’t help but feel the nostalgic vibe of wanting to sink into a zone of contentment, familiarity, and comfort. Of course it shall be rerun city as all of my favorite TV shows go on hiatus. But I can wholeheartedly take comfort that there never has to be a break in my reading. Usually during this time of the year Amazon, the library, and of course my Kindle are my favs for the in between times of summer outside of work and spending time with the family. But this summer I can’t help but surrender to my need to revisit the past…..my book past. I have a feeling that several throwbacks of the past few years (and maybe some from my younger years) will undoubtedly find their way on the path of my summer reading list. I am already in the process of taking my trip down readers lane to accommodate what is sure to drive my summer. And I already have an idea of what my summer throwbacks will be. But I am always more than happy to hear of any worthy book recommendations to help compile my summer reading list. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome in the world of this reader. Happy summer reading to all!!!!

The Flash Of Summer

Seriously I almost can’t even fathom that as summer fast approaches its significance carries more than just the promise of vacations, breaks from school, and unfortunately for many of us the likes of an impending heat wave. It also marks the halfway point of the year, igniting the all to common cliché’ of “time flies’. Yet for me it is the turning tide signaling not only having carefree days under the sun or enjoying the endless stream of summer blockbusters. It also carries with it a poignant reminder of the continuum of time that never sleeps, stops, slows, nor bows down to anyone. As the seasons prepare to change hands, I’m now staring blindly into my own personal headlights of life reflecting on where and how I started the year and the personal and professional journeys that I’ve made thus far. Summer seems to hold my life pursuits dangling right out in front of me. It’s a time where I can take a moment to look back at the big and small achievements or changes that I’ve made in my life. But it also is the time of the year where I feel most compelled to draw out new life ventures as well. I’ve discovered that this is the season that personally fuels the creative and motivating side of my life’s drive. And as these areas of my life spike in a seemingly fast forward state of motion, I can’t help but fall into the all too good-natured common cruise of the life and times of summer. For me that means acknowledging, yet not dwelling on past efforts, whether good or bad embedded within the last few months. But instead choosing to ride out the fly by days of this season soaking up all the potential in its flashing path. Long live the great forthcoming days of summer.

The Adventures of Writing

I came to a fun little realization today that kind of left me smiling and reeling with delight at something I should have taken note of, or at least acknowledged within myself at some point in time. But better late than never always does it for me, especially in regards to anything that serves in inspiring my day-to-day writers life. Within my acts of writing, I discovered (or finally noticed) that writing itself is more than just a passion or pursuit, but rather its own travelling adventure. Whether in the form of a cleverly composed tweet, a random quote, or even coming up with a relevant blog post from time to time, my words and thoughts that I share with the world take me to places that truly inspire my soul, transporting my creative nature abroad in the world of writing. While I would wholeheartedly testify that books take you to places that you can’t travel to by other vehicular means. But when you leave your comfort zone and allow your words to do the travelling for you, your destination of creative satisfaction is boundless. And even more than the limitless realms that a writer can journey to, I have to admit that it’s the adventures that I discover about myself along the way that color’s my writing path and destinations. Everything I write is its own new adventure for me, where I venture out in discovering my capabilities, my joys, and yes even my pitfalls of trying my hand at writing. But within these great adventures I know that regardless of the success or failures in between, I’m truly enjoying to tripped out ride along the way.

Spring Cleaning: Polish, Revamp, Revisit the Writer In You

Spring has finally arrived (at least calendar wise) for many of us. It’s the season of anew in the world, but what does or can that mean for the writer tinkering away within each of us? Words, ideas, and the passion behind both can be limitless in the growth and power of bringing our writing goals to life. So whether it’s revising something old, borrowing from a mainstream trend, or simply stepping out to create something wonderfully new, let’s welcome the season of reawakening our own personal writer, the soulful gift inside of each and every one of you…..My Spring rhyme time!!!! 🙂

Spring Forward: Sleep Travelling Down the Writers Road

Spring forward. That has been the trend game pretty much all day on most news stations and various social media sites. Post after post have served to either make many of us aware of this bi-yearly occurrence with us either losing or gaining an hour of sleep after 2am. Many of the posts I’ve seen have been on the humorous side, with some bordering on the edge of annoyance of losing that sleep inked hour. While I can relate to both sides of the spectacled and somewhat repetitive posts and positions on daylight savings time, this year I decided that it should serve as something more than just our early break into Spring. It can be a day/night to make the most of your writers journey.

For me I’m not so much dwelling on the hour lost, but on what I hope to gain by nights end, particularly towards my writing goals and my 2014 reading challenge that I’ve committed to. That is what I choose to take from the impending act of Spring Forward tonight. And with that being said I offer this post to humbly serve as a single reminder that from today, that it does not have to truly be an hour lost if you have found, or achieved something worthwhile within it. It’s a matter of choice as to whether you want to spring forward begrudgingly or happily. Either way after tonight the road to Spring cometh and it’s sure to bring many more hours that will hopefully make up for this debatable one considered “lost”.