As a Writers World Turns

So we will be springing forward in a matter of weeks, and the aura of fresh new beginnings  more than wisps through the air.  It’s the feeling of promise, the sense of the creative rebirth that transcends the emergence of each new season of change.  It’s the beacon that guides writers of all walks and stages of life towards the path that turns the uncertainty of their untold stories into the possibility of sharing the best of their soul with the world.  Facing this reality of potentially having my writing sit stagnate against loose leaf pages is becoming more than motivation in keeping my writer’s tale inked as more than  just a random author’s chance to be heard. It’s serving as a life palate of untapped possibility to paint something great for the world with my words.  Page after page, story after story, I’m still happily and deeply embedded within the ever twisting, turning, yet terrific trails of this great escapade known as the writer’s life……


Into The Eye of The BrainStorm

Now that the month of June has made its sneak appearance marking the halfway point of the year, I decided that it’s time to revisit an old friend of mine quaintly and quietly known to me as draft city. I’m a little ashamed to say that my first and only complete story that I penned well over 2 years ago has been MIA in my writing community since its birth. Sure I’ve done the customary trial visit every now and then to the lands of spell check, start and stop proofreading, and of course the always drop in to the pit stop of revision alley. But in all honesty, I can’t say that I’ve invested as much time, effort, and devotion to truly making a go at this particular story. Now this is my baby, the story that once had me writing, scripting, and all but pre-selecting a cast to bring my story to movie life a few years back. Yet these days all I seem to be about is creating/building an entirely something new. Which in actually is not so new.

I’ve embarked upon a round trip to the writers gateway reading “Welcome back to the land and art of Brainstorming.” It carries the potential to serve as a writing gateway in reaching a creative destination towards potential untapped ideas, as I map out my subsequent journey to fulfilling my not so empty writing dream. So I got to say that I’m looking forward to seeing which twists or subsequent turns this “lost” story will spin out as I polish up the old, and collect upon the new ideas in revamping my way yet again into the eye of the Brainstorm.

Spring Forward To Your Next Read

With daylight savings under our belt and Spring only a few days away, it seemed only fitting to reassess my Goodreads reading challenge to make sure that I’m on track (or at least not too far behind) in my 2015 reading goals. Taking note of the books I’ve read thus far, I’ve decided that since Spring is the season of anew, that I’m going to step out and take on a book (or maybe series) outside of my usual YA genre comfort zone. Old School Classic maybe? Or maybe something crime drama, science fiction or contemporary romance? There are just so many relevant and worthy genres to choose from. And while there is NEVER such a thing as too many books, I can’t help but feel blown away while perusing all the literary works of past and current authors in print. And I can honestly say that it does my writer’s heart good to see so many of their dreams, persistence, and dedication to their ideas and craft on display and shared with the world. This is why I decided to expand my reading mind. This is why I journeyed to venture away from my customary love of all things YA and dive into the amazingly unpredictable world of books in general.

Long live the true love of just reading to book lovers everywhere.

NanoWriMo: Catching the Fever

Time sure does fly. It’s almost hard to believe that the writers frenzy known as NanoWriMo is nearly upon us. I am proud to say that I am three for three in the years that I have entered and at times, though grueling, poured out my writing heart to reach the 50,000 word finish line. My first year I had no idea what I was in for. I was completely unprepared and winded up slaying word after word relentlessly just to reach my goal during that last and final week. No outline. No premise. Not even characters had been created, though I had an inkling of an idea back then of the genre and of course the perfect male centerpiece to swoon over. Other than that my first venture into the land of NanoWriMo was completely a blank slate.

My second year, I was a little better prepared, and of course learned the most important lesson during this writing craze, which was…..editing must be non-existent. Last year, my third year, I started and kept up a surprisingly good pace with my word count, pounding out more on my weekends to make up for falling behind during the week to compensate for the family and day job plight. I was able to finish ahead of schedule and for some reason it was that last trek into Nano that I felt the most rewarded.

The Nano dance is the sweetest tango that writers, both aspiring and published can step to. It’s complete and utter unpolished writing freedom. No rules, no choreography, no conformity, just endless amounts of passion and creativity on overflow. Though I won’t be able to attend this years writing dance, I am so stoked for all the hoopla and the insurmountable writing frenzy that’s about to take over writer’s everywhere. So I’ll leave you with these parting words for all those participating this year….Coffee IS your friend, unleash your writing heart, and most importantly whether you finish or not….Congratulate yourself for catching the writing fever known as NanoWriMo.

First Down: January Reading in Review

Can’t believe that we are almost through the first month of the new year. We are now on the horizon of an impending Super Bowl, in the midst of surviving under a blanket of a savage deep freeze that has spanned from north to south and east to west, sporadically and in many places uncharacteristically. We have also celebrated and commemorated the life and work of an inspirational and powerful bridge of peace that is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And these are just a few moments that have catapulted us into the new year, some of which are hopefully riding the tails of being over soon (not of fan of being frozen).

But with this being the last weekend of January, I can’t help to press rewind on the past few weeks of my personal and professional life. I’m off with a bang at work, also known as (the day job) with cross training and engulfing myself into a span of new roles that will undoubtedly serve to enhance my skills and value as an employee, which is never a bad thing in my opinion. On the home front I have also made family time a priority each day, not just on the weekends like in times past. Reading, family outings (when temperatures permit), and each Saturday is well spent nose and spirit deep within the confines of our public library. This was a family voted upon place of leisure (except for the hubby who stood alone in his vote of ESPN and a particular couch ), the rest of us opted for a place where the kids and I love to get lost in each Saturday morning well into the early afternoon.

So far our January has consisted of multiple trips in-between the week checking out and checking in countless books for each of us. My son has also re-discovered his NOOK and has happily engaged in late night reading of a few must read book series of his own. And I couldn’t be prouder of my kindergartener’s pursuit of discovering her own love of learning to read. January has truly been the kick off month of reading in our home. So my review thus far has left me happy and eagerly awaiting all that the coming months of this beautiful new year has in store.

Writers and Readers: Entanglement of Rhyme and Reason

So many writers at times may seem to fall prey to writing and or reading only those works to where our hearts and literary interests lie. Falling into the comfort of that which is familiar and already has piqued your fancy comes as natural as breathing to a writer. And in my opinion that is what brings the extraordinary into books, works that are born of the familiarity of an authors passion. Although only writing what you know clearly isn’t a measure or guarantee for success in any genre, field, or venue of writing. There are many writers who have dared to step outside their comfort zones, compelled purely and solely by things that may have touched their hearts, minds, and or souls. Life experiences, both good and bad, can sometimes hold the possibility of taking center stage for some people, playing out in books, articles, or even one’s respective blog post. Even a 140 character tweet can harbor the emotional push or pull from writer to follower.

So I guess as an aspiring writer I am always curious as to the inner workings of other authors, readers, and yes even some select tweeters. And after perusing the likes of Amazon, Goodreads, as well as catching up on a few of my favorite blogs that I follow this weekend I was left wondering (and not in regards for any good or bad rationale), what do you think compels a writer to bring their story or words to print life? And what makes some authors books and or blogs must reads for you? I know personally for me, any writing, whether formal or informal, I’m drawn to the depth, wit, and overall passion and voice embedded within a writers words.

And as usual, or I guess I should say as ALWAYS, my curiosity has compelled this post, yet again striking my figurative writing cat in the form of this entry. So until next time. 🙂

Moods Of Me: Breaking The Writers Blockcade

Off and on since the beginning of this new year I must confess that I have found myself on the brink of writers block. Or to be more accurate, my writing mood has been playing hide and seek all too often and far too good in recent months. I’ve discovered that lack of focus has been the culprit. Only it hasn’t been the driving force behind my descent into a vanishing writing habit. My writing has been held hostage by a lack of writing mood. A few years ago when I decided to pursue this side swept, forgotten passion of mine I could burn page after page of ideas, crafting the randomness of my imagination into delicious plots, subplots, and a still morphing cast of characters. Only lately the tides of life have collapsed over not only my summer writing muse, but is severely shading my writing mood. In more accurate terms I’ve found myself in a writing funk. A perpetual dry spell that seems to be shifting towards lackadaisical at times. At the moment I’m not entirely sure how to dig myself out. But I have resolved to start by writing a little of something EVERYDAY. That is not so much a goal or objective at this point, just a solemn promise to myself. And like I am forever telling my kids, a promise is a promise, never to be broken or unspoken after it has been made. Now comes the hard part of cradling my resolve and embracing the reality in making simple words part of my day-to-day writers bond.