Classic Inspiration

Fresh off of my very first Agatha Christie novel I was left floored by just how much I have to learn and perfect to advance in my writing game.  Though I was more than familiar with the Great Agatha Christie, I was completely taken and floored by her precision and creativity in the land of mystery and suspense.  It was an old school lesson in writing greatness,  This was a  woman who could capture an audience and wrap them around the finger of any of her tales. Brilliance doesn’t even sum up what I was left with after reading only a few of her classics, I was introduced into just what solidified her as a mystery classic writer.  Her heart, soul and, writing Ingenious kept me more than intrigued and borderline hungry in my pursuit as a writer in what makes one an inspiration in the writing craft. Ms. Christie definitely delivered the wow factor in her works and has imprinted on me the importance of leaving behind that spark, if not that little something great foundation to readers and writers yet to come. Definitely a hands down, bow down moment to her as one of the late GREATS!!!!


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