2015: Dawn of New Beginnings

Only a few days into the new year and I can’t help but feel the undeniable sense of promise that everyday life seems to carry with it within each new day that we’re privy to partake in. Though I am still standing by my no resolutions, only to live and capture something new in each new day state of mind kick, I’m still taken by the freedom and unpredictability that a new year hides within its folds.
A new year is more than a signal for new beginnings for us, it holds unlimited, untapped, and beyond the core of realization of all that we could accomplish if we more than put our minds to that something special that we hope to one day see as a reality.
A new year is more than a brand new you. It can be the dawn of new beginnings to take each of us from the land of impossible and down the sometimes winding, unimaginable road paved in possibilities that we hope to make a reality in our lifetime.
For me, a new year always poses as an early snap shot of what I hope will come. But more importantly, what I hope to make happen for myself. It signals my dawn of new beginnings, taking me from the trenches of the past year and storm into the valleys of my life’s what’s yet to come moments. What new beginnings are each of you putting into effect? And what are you thankfully leaving behind?


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