Reading: Fuel For The Writing Mindset

Sometimes just the mere act of reading a well written book has the impeccable ability to lift your mind and soul to unimaginable heights. It’s beyond amazing how another’s string of words or sheer creative writing genius can move you in ways that can shatter a bad day, offer a momentary impasse to life’s everyday struggles, or even sometimes just afford you an unblemished slate to free up and draft a few ideas of your own. It’s a pure and simple, yet arguably undisputed truth. Reading truly is fuel for an overworked or sometimes an over crowded mind.

It can layer a few necessary life essentials necessary to recharging, refueling, and even reigniting a writers mindset. The pull and power of losing yourself in a delicious story can serve as more than just fuel for a writer, and for me its been definitely more than just a casual outlet to life’s woes. For some of us aspiring writers, it can very well wind up being the life line that tugs and re-awakens the writer in us. I for one can attest to the power of reading, where a story and/or its characters can taking you from feeling empty to breathing a palette full of creativity and life.

Sorry just had to take a moment to revel and rejoice in the unwavering magic woven within the world of books….the true jolt that will forever keep my pen flowing.


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