The Journey. The Struggle: The Writers Peak

Days and nights are on full throttle, spiraling poignantly out of whatever control that we neither dictate nor have much choice in them seemingly closing in around each of our respective writing goals. For me I can’t help but feel the slow, undeniable loosening grip on this journey that I tracked, paced, and set forth upon years ago. Though I still feel the drive, enjoy the rush of creativity, and crave the air of magic and freedom that writing embodies as soon as the trickles of ideas emerge creating that story that keeps many of us up night after night, pounding the writers pavement to triumph. Continuing with set goals, writing until lights out, and staying on the writers journey is a task in itself. But I, like many others will forever keep the faith. My writing journey is still being travelled, destination still unchartered. Within this post lies the untold tales of my current detour I’ve stumbled upon. My writing struggles. My continuing journey.


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