Following the YA Book Trend Trail Road:

Recently I took to perusing Amazon and the recommended suggestions for reads on my Kindle and couldn’t help but take notice of the latest and greatest stream hitting the top sellers lists. Now I generally have stuck to the YA genre and have as of late recently dipped into the NA pool as well (mostly fiction reads). But taking note of the book trends and top picks that led reading lists, I saw that Dystopian is still a strong front-runner with the stellar success of franchises such as Divergent, The Hunger Games, and even the latest breakout churning from book to film The Maze Runner. There were also other notable mentions leaving their own blazing trail of tear-jerker success woven out of tragic love and loss story plots that have seen success at the box office as well as falling into a best sellers list or two.

Now I’m not questioning the validity, strength, creativity, or even if these books are worthy of all acclaim that has followed many of them. But I do have to wonder what role has the magic trail of simply following “What’s hot and trending” has played in keeping the book hype going for these books. As an avid reader I do relish finding a good book to fall into, and I’m not ashamed to say that I too, at times have been prone to falling onto the “Best Seller” bandwagon. But I do find that I’m more into venturing out on my own, into the sometimes unchartered book lands in search of good reads. And I’m even happier to say that my journey has led me to zones of fantastic pieces of literary work, classics, and even some not so wide known or promoted, yet undoubtedly just as brilliant as those of the latest “trend”.

So I’m left just slightly questioning if the “trend” trail is what is reeling in more of today’s readers than the quality and/or content of the actual book? Or if the not so lost art of discovering your own book treasures is still prevalent when seeking out what to read? Either way, no matter what your preference, I’m just happy that books and reading in general continues to spare a place among the almighty trend we call everyday life.


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