Summer Down: Book Series Catch Ups and Wrap Ups

As Fall fast approaches I can’t help but feel like I’m in scramble mode in finishing up all the book series that have been on my reader’s plate since the beginning of the year. But in my defense, some of these said books were left dangling by writers, as I ever so patiently (complete lie) awaited for book releases in series that I have been hungrily awaiting to devour as soon as they dropped. Now as summer winds down I’ve seemingly put myself on a crash course book reading mission in order to play catch up on all the series that I’ve already dived into. And in order to ready myself for each awaiting book phase, I’ve also made it my mission to replay catch up in an effort to put my reader’s mind back in action of where my favorites left off. So pretty much I’m in book overload these days (and loving every minute of it btw).

I’ve made progress on a few series and just paused long enough to think if anyone else has found themselves at the cusp of summer’s end, embroiled in winding up or even just catching up on a series that they might have shelved due to work, family, or just life in general that has blanketed your reading leisure time and goals. So as for me, I’m putting myself back to the reader’s grind….. for now. Happy reading all!!!!


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