Channeling your Inner Story

Sometimes you can’t help but find yourself at a crossroads with the story that has played on repeat. One that has wholeheartedly triggered your writing inspiration, one that has pulled you into the plight of your characters and maybe a to die for plot twist. Yet somewhere along the way the passion that you were once swept up in, with that amazing story that you brought to life has somehow diminished on some level. Somewhere along the line, the spark that probably kept you up writing on countless nights has all but dwindled. This seems to be an unfortunate place that I have found myself dwelling in as of late these past few weeks.

I can clearly recall channeling all that I had into every word and intricate detail of any and everything that I would write. Yet now I find myself struggling with even putting out words comprised of a decent 140 character these days. And now it has become a bit of a task of revisiting a piece of work that has colored my writers soul for the past few years. I have faced the writers roadblock on more than one occasion, yet it always feels fresh in defeat for me when I am unable to channel the heart of my writing best.

Inspiration is a luxury that unfortunately not everyone will possess or collide with in their life’s pursuits. But I am hopeful that this phase too will pass and I’ll be back in the writing saddle soon again (no pun intended, I promise).


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