Readers Harmony: Book Playlist

Recently while enjoying a wonderful little Indie book series that I happily stumbled upon on Amazon, I somehow found myself not only falling in love with a good story, the engaging characters, and a to die for new book boyfriend. But I also found myself changing up my music playlist that I had been listening to as I read. For me, a good book and good music has always gone hand in hand, and has only served to heighten my enjoyment of falling into whatever story that I’m reading. I know for some, peace and quiet is what they revel in when sinking into a book. But for me I can’t help but always enjoy a good music backdrop. Music and books seem to offer the perfect blend of leisure harmony. With some books I’ve read I can almost imagine certain songs that would seem to flow fittingly with a particular scene or music that can serve to help unravel a significant moment in the story. Now it might just be me, so I do dare to say that I can’t help but admit to the idea of conjuring up my own personal music playlist with different books that I’ve read. For me it is my perfect reader’s harmony.


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