Classic Summer: Reader’s Throwbacks

As summer fast approaches I can’t help but feel the nostalgic vibe of wanting to sink into a zone of contentment, familiarity, and comfort. Of course it shall be rerun city as all of my favorite TV shows go on hiatus. But I can wholeheartedly take comfort that there never has to be a break in my reading. Usually during this time of the year Amazon, the library, and of course my Kindle are my favs for the in between times of summer outside of work and spending time with the family. But this summer I can’t help but surrender to my need to revisit the past… book past. I have a feeling that several throwbacks of the past few years (and maybe some from my younger years) will undoubtedly find their way on the path of my summer reading list. I am already in the process of taking my trip down readers lane to accommodate what is sure to drive my summer. And I already have an idea of what my summer throwbacks will be. But I am always more than happy to hear of any worthy book recommendations to help compile my summer reading list. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome in the world of this reader. Happy summer reading to all!!!!


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