The Adventures of Writing

I came to a fun little realization today that kind of left me smiling and reeling with delight at something I should have taken note of, or at least acknowledged within myself at some point in time. But better late than never always does it for me, especially in regards to anything that serves in inspiring my day-to-day writers life. Within my acts of writing, I discovered (or finally noticed) that writing itself is more than just a passion or pursuit, but rather its own travelling adventure. Whether in the form of a cleverly composed tweet, a random quote, or even coming up with a relevant blog post from time to time, my words and thoughts that I share with the world take me to places that truly inspire my soul, transporting my creative nature abroad in the world of writing. While I would wholeheartedly testify that books take you to places that you can’t travel to by other vehicular means. But when you leave your comfort zone and allow your words to do the travelling for you, your destination of creative satisfaction is boundless. And even more than the limitless realms that a writer can journey to, I have to admit that it’s the adventures that I discover about myself along the way that color’s my writing path and destinations. Everything I write is its own new adventure for me, where I venture out in discovering my capabilities, my joys, and yes even my pitfalls of trying my hand at writing. But within these great adventures I know that regardless of the success or failures in between, I’m truly enjoying to tripped out ride along the way.


6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Writing

  1. Yes. I agree, writing is as much a journey or adventure for me as reading is… if not more. Living in that intangible place as you form words about a fictional place, remember your past in a memior, or ponder on life in a blog – it is all a wonderful and inspiring ride. ๐Ÿ™‚

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