YA Best Sellers to Movies: Taking The MainStream Jump

Only a few days away until another best seller hits the big screen. This one in particular is headed down the familiar YA teen market eyeing big dreams of manifesting into mainstream success. It’s been a while since phenom franchises like Harry Potter, Twilight, and current heavy weight Hunger Games have swept tweens (and many parents) under their big-ticket spells. Now we have Divergent, delivered by best seller Veronica Roth, which is the current contender and seems to hold a vial of promise at reviving the Young Adult market. Yet given the growing number of box office failures of this genre lately, (which all shall remain nameless in this post) with many of the series that were poised as pure gold in pulling in its respective readers, many have spawned epic fails at delivering the same book magic to the big screen. As an avid reader as well as being a mom of two of todays youth not to mention a die-hard movie goer, I can’t help but wonder about the fizzle that keeps taking place as of late with these phenomenal tales that just seem to dwindle at the box office.

Could it be casting, lack of audience power, or maybe just the screen writers veering too far from the very plots and stories that initially captured, incited, and inspired countless fandom hearts alike? Whatever the rationale, reason, or case, I just couldn’t help but throw in my two cents on this ongoing YA bust manifesting itself on repeat. And I do so latching onto a sliver of hope at breaking the current YA blockbuster market slump soon. Readers and movie buffs alike desperately await your return.


One thought on “YA Best Sellers to Movies: Taking The MainStream Jump

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