Spring Forward: Sleep Travelling Down the Writers Road

Spring forward. That has been the trend game pretty much all day on most news stations and various social media sites. Post after post have served to either make many of us aware of this bi-yearly occurrence with us either losing or gaining an hour of sleep after 2am. Many of the posts I’ve seen have been on the humorous side, with some bordering on the edge of annoyance of losing that sleep inked hour. While I can relate to both sides of the spectacled and somewhat repetitive posts and positions on daylight savings time, this year I decided that it should serve as something more than just our early break into Spring. It can be a day/night to make the most of your writers journey.

For me I’m not so much dwelling on the hour lost, but on what I hope to gain by nights end, particularly towards my writing goals and my 2014 reading challenge that I’ve committed to. That is what I choose to take from the impending act of Spring Forward tonight. And with that being said I offer this post to humbly serve as a single reminder that from today, that it does not have to truly be an hour lost if you have found, or achieved something worthwhile within it. It’s a matter of choice as to whether you want to spring forward begrudgingly or happily. Either way after tonight the road to Spring cometh and it’s sure to bring many more hours that will hopefully make up for this debatable one considered “lost”.


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