To finish or not to finish: Book Series Dilemma

Have you ever started a book series, one that for whatever reason after book one or two left you faced with a lack of interest in finishing the series? Maybe because of a poorly written plot, or just the killing off of a central character that kind of grew on you.

I myself have recently faced this dilemma and was only pushed to read the subsequent follow-up books only because I wanted to support the author. And although I am a fan of the author’s previous works, I was left a little underwhelmed by their latest book, so now I have found myself at an unfamiliar place of whether or not I even want to continue the authors series. Books that I had fallen head over heels in love with, I am now finding it hard to even make myself finish the current book.

Always a supporter of those who bear their hearts, souls, and ideas in print for the world, however, I do wonder has there ever been a moment or time where you faced a readers dilemma that left you in fan peril of a favorite book series or authors work?


3 thoughts on “To finish or not to finish: Book Series Dilemma

  1. Sometimes a series drags on and on, and I decide I’m not willing to wade through books after book. It’s really difficult to let go of my desire to know the end of the story, but plenty of times the end disappoints when you persevere.

    • I’m hoping that one of the series that I’m struggling to finish ends on a high note. But I did have that thought of what if I have just wasted countless hours with these books just to be let down with the wrap-up Fingers crossed for a plausible ending. 🙂

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