February Afire: Continuing The Momentum

Short but sweet is the game play of this post. With January almost under our belt I’m sure many of us have habits, both good and bad, that have served to either propel us towards our goals or ones that may have hindered them so far. I’ve recently come to realize that my new-found favorite pastime, one that many of you may know of as the Instagram craze, has captured far too much of my free time these past couple of weeks.

While I do enjoy the social sharing aspect of it, I recognize that what little spare time I do have outside of work and family should be put to better use, specifically centering around other facets of my long sought after writing pursuits. So I’ve decided that this will be my change-up and hopefully help keep up my writing momentum for February.

What aspects of your everyday life will you set in place, change, or try to kick the habit of in order to ignite your productivity this coming month?


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