Dear Diary 2014

The first weekend of 2014 has stirred up bits and pieces of creativity and productivity to kick-start the new year. Since the stroke of midnight, where the old bowed out graciously and ever so quietly around my house, my mind seemed poised and set to prowl. Seeking and searching out new and unchartered paths, venturing down the roads of familiar and the potential trails of all the limitless possibilities embedded within the new year, I had a flashback to my youth. My teenage years to be exact. I can recall staying up late with my mom waiting as the clock struck down and feeling a rush of excitement in making a brush of promises to myself that I would hope to carry out throughout the course of the new year.

Back then I clung to a diary that I would jot down my hopes, goals, and resolutions to bring my new year to life. Those were the simple days. The random, yet completely fulfilling wishful antics of a child. And now, no longer a child, I can’t help but draw back to those moments in time. The enthusiasm of putting pen to paper, throwing caution to life’s wind with innocent hope in trying to achieve anything my heart desired. In those days (not that long ago btw), those daring promises mainly consisted of the usual adolescent ventures into what was considered typical, in many retrospect’s, fickle ruses of youth. But taking a step or two forward now, I have decided to intermingle past and present in regards to the new year. A blast from the past etched in the makings of the new me. A Diary. A place where instead of making self-imposed promises to myself, I will use as a life platform instead, notating my day-to-day accomplishments, no matter how great or small. My imprints of 2014.

Dear Diary…..Welcome back. You’ve been whole-heartedly missed.


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