Farewells and New Beginnings 2013

So we are only a day and a couple of hours on the brink of saying goodbye to 2013. It has been a year of ups and downs for many, and yes I can personally attest to the truth embedded within that sentiment myself in regards to goals, work, and pretty much life in general. I can recall ever so clearly the feeling of excitement that the new year carried with it as that clock wound down, striking out the old and clearing a path for all the hope, promise, and possibilities that a brand new year encompasses in its wake. Now I’m not one for the usual customary resolutions or fade to back regrets as yet another year comes to a roaring close, but I will say that 2013 has been in a league all its own. At least for me it has been. Life has played itself out in the lands of the “never predicted these moments” in all areas of my life, in both good and bad retrospect. So as per my usual, purely curiosity, was your 2013 all that you had hoped it would be or were curve balls lined up, swerving your way off and on?

My last post to clear out to old to make way for the new that is on the horizon.

Long live 2014……


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