Workings of A Novel Fear

With Halloween being literally just around the corner, I couldn’t help but tap into the trend of the Scarefests going on. Only I wanted to take on a slightly different path of the mass fear hysteria etching this October. Not of movies, books, or the likes of your favorite must see zombie TV shows. I wanted to touch on fear in a slightly different capacity. One that doesn’t make you jump or twist your nightmares into panicky sleepless nights, (although it’s a very real possibility for some of us). The fear that I wanted to address is the fear of that project, book, or novel that for one reason or another has left it still sitting idle, chained to the mercy of edits, re-writes, or just as that piece of work that a bout of self-doubt has temporarily placed it on a back burner in the current state of our day-to-day lives.

Now this fear I speak of is unrelenting for many of us. It may be that deep-seated eerie voice in the back of your mind that may be keeping your best efforts from seeing the light of mainstream day. Or maybe it’s that creepy feeling that may plague you, whispering that your work isn’t quite good enough. That maybe your best literary efforts don’t even warrant finishing. Or worse, that your writing isn’t up to par and that your work is destined to fall into the abyss of the never discovered. To many of us aspiring writers this may reek of fright in our personal lives and in reaching out to at least touch on a long sought after goal or dream. But with every nightmare there lies the inevitable. You wake up.

And it is that irrevocable truth that you must hold on to. It is the trust that somewhere along the line, at one time or another, you saw fit to place in your own desires, worth, and confidence in yourself that must overshadow the darkness that permeates this kind of fear. Casting out any and all self-doubt that hampers you in realizing your dreams as a valuable force of a writer must prevail. As writers we do travel a rocky and often times broken path that only our drive and determination can seal and cement along the way to success. And it is this realization and belief in ourselves that should be the light that shatters the mask of self-doubt that sometimes makes us fall prey to this fear. This is simply my earnest plea to hopefully keep the writing torch alive in each of us. So for good measure heed these simple, yet trend powerful words of today. Keep Calm and Stay Strong Against The Writers Fear Of Self Doubt.


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