Writers and Readers: Entanglement of Rhyme and Reason

So many writers at times may seem to fall prey to writing and or reading only those works to where our hearts and literary interests lie. Falling into the comfort of that which is familiar and already has piqued your fancy comes as natural as breathing to a writer. And in my opinion that is what brings the extraordinary into books, works that are born of the familiarity of an authors passion. Although only writing what you know clearly isn’t a measure or guarantee for success in any genre, field, or venue of writing. There are many writers who have dared to step outside their comfort zones, compelled purely and solely by things that may have touched their hearts, minds, and or souls. Life experiences, both good and bad, can sometimes hold the possibility of taking center stage for some people, playing out in books, articles, or even one’s respective blog post. Even a 140 character tweet can harbor the emotional push or pull from writer to follower.

So I guess as an aspiring writer I am always curious as to the inner workings of other authors, readers, and yes even some select tweeters. And after perusing the likes of Amazon, Goodreads, as well as catching up on a few of my favorite blogs that I follow this weekend I was left wondering (and not in regards for any good or bad rationale), what do you think compels a writer to bring their story or words to print life? And what makes some authors books and or blogs must reads for you? I know personally for me, any writing, whether formal or informal, I’m drawn to the depth, wit, and overall passion and voice embedded within a writers words.

And as usual, or I guess I should say as ALWAYS, my curiosity has compelled this post, yet again striking my figurative writing cat in the form of this entry. So until next time. 🙂


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