The Untamed Imagination: A Thing Of Literary Beauty

For the past few years I have been going back and forth on a story idea that seems to branch out into a multitude of plots, sub plots, ever shifting settings, and of course the occasional change-up of a trend-setting character name or two. Like many aspiring writers the sporadic ideas that randomly surface during a work in progress back story are what fuel our drive behind the stories that we write. It’s what shadows the gateway leading to discovering just how deep passion and determination runs within each page that we push out.

The sometimes fickle creative seeds plotted out as each chapter unfolds only deepens for many of us. Each sentence or idea becomes an extension of something greater at work, taking shape and pulling a story into tangles of endless possibilities. Lead by an untamed imagination, both unfiltered and doused in a limitless creative mindset is what spurs out the truth embedded within literary greatness. This is the by-product of an untamed imagination. The behind the scenes workings of a writer’s mind. A beautiful work of untamed art written, produced, and guided purely by the unrelenting, never to be tamed writer in you.


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