The Pursuit Of a Writers Happiness: NanoWriMo

With the emergence of Autumn it not only brings about cooler weather, colorful leaves, and the soon to be mass retail hysteria that hits, signaling the impending holiday season. Yes, even before the shopping craze there is another floodgate of frenzy that will soon begin to take place for countless writers. The writing challenge known as NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo bridges writing enthusiasts from all walks of life and professions for a 30 day novel-writing sprint. It’s truly an exhilarating whirlwind of an experience (at least for me it has been). I have taken part in (and surprisingly) finished in each of my two times of participating. At times grueling and tiring, but definitely worth its weight in the words that you push out in the hopes of reaching that 50,000 word finish line at the end of November. There is no good or bad involved in this contest (or monetary or tangible prizes offered up….sorry). It only holds the satisfaction of daring to simply put your time, passion, and creativity to the test.
NaNoWriMo offers up the chance to take a month and invest it in a rush of freestyle writing fun for your own pursuits, engaging with others within writing communities, or for some simply a way to bite the bullet and take charge of your literary dreams. It’s a way of burning the procrastination bit and just stepping out and unleashing the amazing story ideas that you’ve kept chained up for far too long. The ultimate venue for un-restrictive, uninhibited, unbound writing freedom. A project that tests your resolve, dedication, and for many of us, our dependency on coffee at times.

Now with November just around the corner I guess this post is my unofficial lead in, my pre NaNo work-ups to the big thing. So all that I can leave you with after this post are two prolifically, inspiring, and hopefully motivating words to arouse the writer in each of you. Game On.


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