Bow Down To Your Writing Passion

Motivation, dedication, and the act of morphing a simple idea into a plot that sets your heart aflame are the true ingredients to giving the art of your writing passion true life. There is nothing quite like the thrill of baring your creative soul freely. It is beyond the scope of what your feeling at any given moment, breathing all your writer’s energy into an idea or a storyline. It’s pure magic. Well at least it is in the ever so humble opinion of this aspiring writer. For me it’s been my passion for the game of writing that keeps me unrelenting in my pursuits. Even during the random moments when I’m plagued by self-doubt that strikes without prejudice. Aligning itself with the day-to-day struggles of juggling a family and career, while navigating through all the twists and turns that pave the sometimes rocky road of my life. It is that thing that I like to call passion that has been feeding my soul. Nurturing my dreams, bringing them up from the depths of being more than just possible and into the open meadow of becoming a viable reality.

So today I readily and happily bow down to my life’s pursuits that will forever be my continuous work in progress. My wonderland of forever in perfecting my craft. I submit to never relinquishing, dismissing, or taking for granted the one constant that has been with me since childhood, that has never been completely out of my life’s focus. The passion I draw and hone in from writing.


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