Facet of Writing: Challenges To Your Best

Still in hot pursuit of a story that I’ve been working on off and on again for the past few years. But only just recently have I come to realize one major battle that I have been waging with myself. Perfection. I must have changed character names, settings, even revised the plot on occasion when things didn’t seem to mesh at different points throughout the book. I realized now that one of my biggest struggles has always lied within challenging my best. No matter what I write, once I stop, breathe, and re-read my work it almost always feels as though I could do better. Whether it’s cleaning up a chapter that I would notice didn’t flow quite as concisely as others, or even trying to “perfect” my protagonist, I always find myself either scrapping some part of my work or embellishing lines or scenes to feed my need for my “brand” of perfection.

While I love the challenge of throwing my all into a story, because after all for many authors, whether they are experienced or just getting their feet wet in the writing pool, your story is yours and yours alone. Your baby in a sense, since you birth, nurture, and devote so much of your time and care into spawning your creative best. What you write is your pride and joy. A piece of yourself that you daringly share with your readers. It’s that something that can define an aspect of your life’s success in a sense. But for me at the moment I have found myself stifled by an inability to creatively move forward, road blocked by my own need to put out “my” best of the best. And while I recognize that pride can play both a positive and negative in any aspect of your life, it should not be what drives your productivity.

Now comes the hard part of finding the balance with writing that propels me forward out of my self-imposed pits of pride and prejudice. So here’s to a little luck and a whole lot of patience.


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