Moods Of Me: Breaking The Writers Blockcade

Off and on since the beginning of this new year I must confess that I have found myself on the brink of writers block. Or to be more accurate, my writing mood has been playing hide and seek all too often and far too good in recent months. I’ve discovered that lack of focus has been the culprit. Only it hasn’t been the driving force behind my descent into a vanishing writing habit. My writing has been held hostage by a lack of writing mood. A few years ago when I decided to pursue this side swept, forgotten passion of mine I could burn page after page of ideas, crafting the randomness of my imagination into delicious plots, subplots, and a still morphing cast of characters. Only lately the tides of life have collapsed over not only my summer writing muse, but is severely shading my writing mood. In more accurate terms I’ve found myself in a writing funk. A perpetual dry spell that seems to be shifting towards lackadaisical at times. At the moment I’m not entirely sure how to dig myself out. But I have resolved to start by writing a little of something EVERYDAY. That is not so much a goal or objective at this point, just a solemn promise to myself. And like I am forever telling my kids, a promise is a promise, never to be broken or unspoken after it has been made. Now comes the hard part of cradling my resolve and embracing the reality in making simple words part of my day-to-day writers bond.


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