The Mark of Summer

It’s officially been a week into summer and the heat has truly been on….figuratively and literally in many respects. This is the half way point of the year where many of us, like myself, are assessing accomplishments thus far. Whether of a professional or on a personal level the summer can serve as that pivotal point of the year to reflect. But with that being thrown out there, summer also holds certain elements of just living blithely. Affording ourselves times of leisure filled with family vacations, breaks from school, or even just a few lazy days in-between enjoying the warmth of the sun or fire fly hunting and stargazing at night (my mom time btw).

Whatever your pleasure, I think we can all agree that when summer rolls around it marks each of us in its own way. Some ways may serve to inspire or ignite that spark in our everyday lives that more than warms our soul. For me it’s the aura of sunlit days and the warm summer nights that tugs at the inner writer in me. And in the latter also seems to make my summer reads just that much sweeter. Summer is my the time of stolen moments to just incite the nonchalant of my world.

Quite simply put, summer is my season of feel good.


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