Your Brand Of Books….Choices Choices Choices!

Book preferences can and usually are as unique and distinct as the mind that each captures. Some die-hard readers are sure to stick to the familiarity of the same old genre or workings of a beloved author who has continued to hold their fancy. While others will cautiously step out of their reading comfort zones and catapult themselves into the book realm of the anomalous. Usually by tiptoeing into an unfamiliar work or class of books either by chance or just following word of mouth, or best seller trends and checking out a new author or series.

Though discovering a new literary commodity can be its own reward, I think it can be said that whatever your reading pleasure, most readers have a standard, system, or habit of venturing out into the community book pool to wet their reading appetite.

So however you feed your need to read, there is undoubtedly a personal rhyme and or reason for every avid reader as to how to choose your next read. And as only each reader surely knows what drives or fuels their respective literary choices, I can only sum up this short post with a thank goodness today, in this glorious free day and age that most of us are allotted the right and means to fuel our own reading tanks.


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