Day Job Vs. Dream Job…Where Sacrifice Meets Compromise

These days there is a lot to be revered in those who have or continue to sacrifice life long dreams for the sake of just being able to live pure and simple in the world today. Whether it has become just the real life notion of “making ends meet”. Or even just trying to keep your head above the forever deepening pond of economical feasibility. At some point we all may have come to the conclusion that having a day job is relevant and maybe even in many instances a long-term necessity to survival.

These careers and or professions that many of us have maybe inadvertently fallen into as we “grew up” may have in some ways overshadowed that initial dream job that we had at some point mapped out for ourselves. I’m guessing that this may be the plight of many these days. The dream job versus the day job.

That plausible dream that you always wanted to see morph into a living reality somehow found its way to the back-burner in lieu of the demands of your everyday life. But in spite of that dream sitting idle, it never seems to dwindle completely. Though we live in the now, many of us can’t and won’t let go of all of the possibilities that seems to kindle in that unextinguishable dream that we feel we should be living out in the form of our respective careers.

It was probably the dream job that took shape when you discovered an interest that became more than just a casual thought, but a way of earning a living doing something that you realize you more than fancy. It’s that something that ignited your drive, determination, and compelled your heart into daring to believe you could take on this aspiration. The sheer possibility of turning a plausible goal that fills your heart and shadows your soul into a one-day reality. Yet somewhere along the way many of us fall into the pits of compromising on that dream.

Compromise is not a bad word. In fact it is an imperative that many of us have to abide by in our personal and professional lives at some point in time. It is a very real facet of everyday life. But then along with the strings of compromise comes the binds of sacrifice. What each of us has given up or put on hold for the sake of being able to live, support ourselves, our families, and ultimately ensure a stronger financial today and tomorrow by pushing the idea of that dream job or career by the wayside. A basic necessity, for sure in most situations. But faith keeps me holding onto the belief that dreams never have to see an end as long as you keep a flicker of hope alive in them. There is never an age cap in place, never a too little too late, and certainly never a “the dream must die” due to situations that life may unfortunately fling your way.

I myself have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the constraints of everyday life and was reminded that dreams are always possible with a little hope, faith, and action behind them. We each do what we need to do to get by. But that shouldn’t be at the expense of happiness. Now I’m not advocating chucking your day job and chasing that dream that may take you down the road of starving artist or rocker extraordinaire. I’m simply throwing out that sacrifice and compromise can prove viable together. There is nothing stopping you from supporting yourself while pursuing that career that you feel is your true purpose in life. It just takes a lot of work in multitasking your daily life. After all if you want something bad enough in life, won’t you work your butt off to achieve it. No easy roads, but a lot of fulfilling turns along the way.

I’m excited about my new revelation and the newfound hope that I’m not ashamed to say came from my twelve-year-old (my academically gifted smarty pants) who reminded me that it’s never to late to do ANYTHING. So color me both humbled and proud that while yes a day job is fine and serves it purpose in the lives of me and my family, but that the possibility of venturing into a dream career at some point does not have to be lost within it.


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