Habit, Choice, Or Whim? Writers Curiousity

I’ve been reading a fair amount of new and old books since the start of the year and although the classic works are almost always golden in my opinion, there is just something about a new book, whether it is one by a favorite author, a new author spinning a new tale, or just a newfound page turner that keeps you burning the reading midnight oil until you hit that last page. Anyway you play it, all any reader wants is something that will serve to captivate their mind and soul for a sitting spell.

Now we all love to stumble upon that next magnetic stroke of literary genius. Indulging in fantastic new ideas, plots, and reads is a must for many of us readers, writers , and the few of us aspiring writers who also strive to put out quality, thought-provoking, and dare I say, mesmerizing stories that we hope will transport an audience into the best of the best that our imaginations can spun out.

I”m guessing that for many authors that writing was, and has been a long sought after dream that some have chosen and worked toward making a living reality. But as all of us readers know and recognize good quality writing doesn’t come easy. It takes not only talent but a tremendous amount of dedication, determination, and drive to put the level of quality into one’s work that garners the capacity to create a writers “fan” base. Yet with the abundance of social media venues I keep hearing of far too many instant “success” stories from authors who stated that becoming an author is effortless to anyone who simply harbors a writing “passion” . Some have even went as far as stating that they were over night success stories. Yet although as supportive as I am of living the American dream, I seriously beg to differ.

As a soon to be aspiring writer I have to pose this question that has been on the fore front of my mind since deciding to take on the quintessential writing/author feat a few years ago. Do you feel as though successful good clean writing projects comes as a long time habit, a conscious choice to follow a dream, or just a random whim that propels a writer into the abyss of the writing pool? Just more curious than serious at this point, but would welcome opinions and honesty at any rate.


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