Embracing The Fresh And The New of 2013

Well another New Year has arrived in all it’s rainy glory (at least here in NC where I’m at).  But instead of focusing on this lackluster first day of 2013, I can’t help but wonder about what lies head in the days and months of 2013. Things of which that I can only assume will cross paths with many of our favorite pastimes in the form of new music, movies, and of course books slated to hit the scene this year. Many of our leisure’s that are sure to have us entangled in catchy summer anthems, the latest blockbuster hits, and of course the next brilliant set of book series that are sure to power their way to the top of best sellers lists everywhere.  The Arts are always there lifting our spirits, minds, and passions, each set year, taking us on a carefree ride, even if only temporarily away from the sometimes constraining  demands of life, work, or our individual circumstances. For me no new year would be complete without the sweet freedom to indulge in things that ease our lives and minds.

Now with that being said, I am going to continue with my stance that I took coming into 2012 by not burdening myself by setting pretentious goals, resolutions, or any promises that will probably wind up being forgotten or dismissed before the year is halfway through. It was my whim that I lived by last year of just taking each day as it comes, embracing challenges, welcoming opportunities, and making it my mission to just do what makes me happy. This practice really did wonders for me, leaving me, for most of the year feeling fresh and new to tackle whatever laid its self at my feet whether on the home front or at work. My only hope is that all of you find or embrace whatever it is in your life that uplifts you and keeps or frees your soul in 2013.


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