NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up: The Good, The Bad, and the Promising

Fresh off the tail-end of my second year  of partaking in the NanoWriMo challenge,   I’m still somewhat basking in the rejuvenating creative  spin that it conjured. Having been plagued by writing droughts off and on for the past few months, this had been just what the writing doctor ordered. 

It gave me a chance to force myself into a set schedule, to set aside time each day to accomplish what I had been labeling as the impossible. Finding time to write. 

It has become difficult to fall into a routine of self-discipline  in making time, or simply taking time to brush up on a story that I’ve been writing on and off again for almost two years now.  I needed a spark to re-ignite my passion for writing, something that had been dwindling for far too long.  

A fresh story idea, an endless supply of coffee, and the occasional mood music was all it took. Now I’m back in the swing of re-crafting, refreshing, and editing my work. My biggest obstacle shall be keeping the momentum going under the strain of the over rush of family, work, and holiday mayhem without letting those life challenges kill my resurging fire. Just curious if the November writing challenge rekindled or sparked something new into your writing life?


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