Broken or Unbroken 2012 Goals or Resolutions

It’s hard to believe how fast 2012 is winding down to a whirlwind close.  It seems like just yesterday many of us were all powered up in setting our New Years resolutions of the many things we hoped to accomplish in 2012. Or for some simply just making plans to strike out at a long sought after aspiration and have it take shape in our lives.

I know for me my only resolution at the beginning of 2012 was to not make any resolutions for once.  It was my hope that by switching up the age-old New Years’ resolution “tradition” that I would not tie myself to or let down by self-imposed deadlines.  Or as I have unfortunately been prone to in the past of making self promises and goals then becoming bound by disappointment  after not following through with them.

So at this point I can’t help but smile  that my 2012 change-up has worked. It hasn’t been filled with broken or empty promises to myself.  Instead I’ve just taken each day as it comes, however it comes,  without filling it with any unrealistic and pretentious  planning. For me this has brought out steadfast productivity in both my personal and professional life which has profoundly  enhanced both and will undoubtedly become a practice of mine in the coming years ahead.

So now that I’m done with my congratulatory party for one, I’m curious about if anyone else tried any spur of the moment game changers this year in regards to reaching new or old goals or resolutions so far in 2012.  And if so, what’s been your crowning moment so far?


2 thoughts on “Broken or Unbroken 2012 Goals or Resolutions

  1. Love this post. The change up is great. If I understand what you’re saying… making resolutions is self defeating and in the “not making resolutions” you found it easier to deal with life as it comes? How did that improve your personal and professional life exactly? Did you make short term goals as life handed you situations instead? Oh and what do you mean you’re not a writer? You write the blog and have things to share. You’re a writer 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I guess it would have been more accurate to just say that I am not a “professional writer”. 🙂 But I actually felt more free with my change up this year. And even with no short term goals conjured up I found success by way of a promotion at work at the beginning of summer and have made a lot more of an effort of taking some me time as well as family time….unplanned leisure time each day. Anything has gone so far this year. And it has been a less stress blast so far! 🙂

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