Book Reviewers: Etiquette of Truth

Over the last few months of my massive reading spree I have been on, I found a giant pool of both mainstream and Indie authors whose literary brilliance I have wholeheartedly fell in love. I discovered most of these creative muses during many of my perusing sessions on Amazon.  Many of which I took a chance on after reading through a few “reviews” that other readers had left behind. These were stories and book series carefully and fantastically crafted by little known writers. Some books so fantastic that  I just couldn’t bear to put down until that last page was flagged as the end.

Now I found that many reviewers offer very insightful or sometimes critical “opinions” regarding other authors works. But there are some that use it as a platform to leave behind blatant and sometimes nasty tirades. While I do recognize that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion,  I must revisit something my mother used to tell me back in the day. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

I mean it’s good to voice your opinion over books, arts,  or things that you simply don’t or didn’t care for, but calling someone’s elses work “crap” I feel is truly uncalled for and doesn’t really serve or highlight your point very well.  Which is why I decided to take on this topic in my return blog post.

Where or should there be a line drawn  between opinion and common etiquette when posting reviews regarding another’s work? Or is it simply an aspect of freedom of speech and should be overlooked?

Since I usually just take another’s “opinion” as I would a grain of salt, especially in reading book reviews, this post is mostly just out of the curiosity of an avid.


3 thoughts on “Book Reviewers: Etiquette of Truth

  1. Nodding head in total agreement. IMHO the line is drawn when a review goes from either critical or positive review to personal insults and attacks. Not only is it inappropriate it is bullying and abuse. No room for it as far as I am concerned. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and have a great weekend!

  2. Very interesting post. I don’t know that there is a line you can draw- people are going to be people no matter what. Commenting/reviewing unfortunately offers the chance to be rude, and some will take that chance. But I think it’s worth it for the reviews that are honest and helpful. Not positive, maybe, but that explain why a work is bad, why they might consider it poorly written, etc. Often these reviews are pretty helpful for the author in addition to prospective buyers. *Puts on author hat* I’ve certainly learned things about my writing, things that I can improve, from negative reviews.

    • Very insightful and valid comments that I thank you for offering. Always love to hear thoughts and views from authors and how they percieve and incorporate the sometimes “negative” critiques from their readers and how they use it as a positive in their writing. 🙂

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