Mid Summers Fall Into Writer’s Grace or Writer’s RoadBlocks

Well it just dawned on me that we are at the pivotal more that half way mark of the year.  The time where some of us look back and reflect on goals that we may have made.  Or ones that we inadvertently cast aside for one reason or another. At the start of 2012 I decided that this would be my first year, since I can remember anyway, where I did not fall into the primordial pit of New Year’s resolutions for one.  Instead I decided that I would take each day as it comes and indulge in what it brings in its wake.  And so far so good for the most part. Actually I have found myself diving into and taking on more at work and in my leisure time….the little that I have allotted anyway, around work and family duties of course.  The one past time that I am really proud of myself for getting wrapped up in involves a great love of mine.  Books.  I have actually made time to fall back in love with reading, meeting it head first and engulfing myself into countless books from mainstream and Indie authors alike, with my kids actually following suit, much to my parental delight.  However, it hasn’t exactly worked like gold in other ways that I had hoped that my non-goal stint would evolve from.   One thing being falling back into writing. I started out pretty strong working and re-working a story that I have been writing for about two years now.  But for some reason or another it has fallen by the waist side for me at the start of summer.  Even with partaking of the beautiful weather and summer activities, my creativity has been spinning rampantly. So that is not the issue at hand.  At this point I’m still not quite sure what or if there is  a ‘true” issue at hand.  The story I have been writing has been my baby, so to speak, and it does more than bother me that it has been sitting idle for over a month now.  My prodigal waste of writing time started as just taken a few days off to let my plot and characters simmer a little, with every intention of picking back up where I left off.  It just hasn’t happened.  Time, wife, and mommy restraints have undoubtedly played a key in letting valuable writing time slip by. But I can honestly say that being short on ideas or creativity  hasn’t played a viable part in my writing break. Even as I’m writing this right now, I am filled with my characters evolving and the re-shaping their plights from where the story first started.  But as I have tied to set aside time here and now to light a fire under them, something else always seems to smother the flame.  Whether it be the hubby or kids, my first hand priorities of course, or issues at my day job, I have really slacked off.  Even when I do have a moment I find myself drifting into other fickle distractions instead of pursuing this life long passion.  The only reason for this that has come to mind for me is that I have hit a roadblock of sorts.  I’ve found myself at an impasse where my writing is concerned and I’m not entirely sure how to find my way back home.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still love it and would love for my literary dreams to see the light of day for no other reason than fulfilling a dream I’ve had for far too long now.  And I do feel at this point that its part of me that can never be dismissed. I’m just at the point where I realize my need to find a way to steer myself back to it.  So with that being said, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this or any other mid summer roadblocks so far?  Or if there are any of you who have any words of wisdom on what has kept you focused in the pursuit of your work or literary passions so far this year?


2 thoughts on “Mid Summers Fall Into Writer’s Grace or Writer’s RoadBlocks

  1. Something that usually (though not always) helps me when I’m feeling writers blocky, whether because I don’t have the spark or am currently stuck on a certain piece, is writing haiku. Haiku are simple yet just challenging enough so that you’re stretching your writing muscles, so to speak, but also produce a finished piece of work in somewhat short order so you feel like you’ve accomplished something that day. I started out really disliking haiku, but I have to admit the practice of writing one or two in between other works has grown on me.

    • Thanks for this tidbit. I don’t believe I’ve ever written haiku other than for school. But it’s definitely an aspect of writing that I’ll try to get my writing mojo back! 🙂

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