Book Series……Trilogy or Pen Indefinitely?

Over the last several months I have been indulging in a great number of books and book series, from a sundry of different mainstream and Indie authors out today.  Now for the most part I have truly enjoyed their splashes of creativity, subtle plots, and engaging characters that many of them have strung together, remarkably compiled into well penned series. But recently after reading a third, and what I thought would be the final book to wrap of a series I soon discovered that the author had yet another installment slated to be released the following year. Needless to say that this news left me with mixed emotions. And even more than that, it actually got me to thinking of all the book series that I have taken on throughout the years. Some of which ending on that trilogy picture perfect note, where all loose ends were tied so meticulously, that you were left with that story book happily ever after feeling.  Then there were the ones where some authors drew that climatic close that left you reeling over the dangling cliffhangers or unresolved fates of your beloved characters. Either way, that third book in most cases signaled the end of that particular tale. But not every author took the three strikes approach to their beloved works. Some of these stories being so prolific in their own right that not only do their creators want to see them continue on indefinitely, the teeming fans of these authors seem to revel in anticipation for the next book chronicling their favorite characters. This is merely the power of a great writer. I know that I for one have been caught up in a number of books over the years that I became the pre-order queen just to make sure that I got my hands on a sequel as soon it hit  the shelves just to be able to fall back in love with an intriguing story and my favorite characters.  But then there are also those times that I have found myself at an impasse with certain authors.  Some of whom will pen a perfectly good ending, wrapping up a story so precisely that you are left content with the turn out when you find yourself at the last page of that third book. Until only a while later you start hearing the buzz of a “book four” dropping the following year.  This is where I can get a little irked sometimes.  Now I do recognize that these respective authors have to continue making a living and hey why not if you are able to keep drawing in a viable audience with your gift of writing.  I would never begrudge them the right to keep living their dream.  And I know many of us avid readers are so happy for the literary magic of many of these great writers…..J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, James Patterson anyone. Not to mention a few less known Indie authors out there that have put out multiple book series that I am at this very moment anticipating the arrival of a book six or seven in their series even now as I’m typing.   Now I love a well crafted story that has the ability to span flawlessly throughout several books, but I have to pose the question, just in general, what constitutes a series going more than the classic trilogy? Is it keeping a set fan base, or trying to transcend an original tale, or just the mere love of a good story itself that an author can’t bear to have come to a close?


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