Indulging in a New Book Genre…A New First Love

For the past few years I have found myself swept up in just about every new and old mainstream YA fantasy novel out there.  I mean literally I have taken on countless stories involving witches, wizards, angels, shadow hunters, werewolves, and yes even stories centering on certain sparkly vampires have kept me up reading into the thick of many nights. Though a die-hard book lover, I have found it easy to stick with my comfort reads over the years.  Clean-cut, mesmerizing tales, usually centering around unrequited first love or ones weaving a love triangle so deep and heartfelt that you simply find yourself changing sides on who should win the heart of the object of their desire in question in the end.  Some books have wrapped itself around the stone of predictability where you could have penned the ending yourself.  Others so intriguing, full of twists that as each chapter comes to a stunning close, a part of my heart closed a little with it.  For me I never needed the R-rated wow factor to pique my interest in a book.  Not since reading my first Stephen King novel have I even remotely cared to jump out of my sweet world of happily ever after, all neatly wrapped in beautiful innocent characters and the fairytale lives that they either led or winded up in by the end of the last page of a book.  That was until I took on “Blood Lust Rising”, by Indie author Faythe Devlin. Yes it has its elements of explicit violence, graphic sex scenes, and dark humor to contend with.  But after all I didn’t exactly figure it to have been titled Blood Lust Rising for nothing. Behind the shadows of the gritty hardcore scenes playing out, I couldn’t help but notice the obvious displays of passion and the well crafted love/loss/family bond storyline that it slowly evolved into.  While EXTREMELY erotic at times throughout the book, I couldn’t help but feel that the love story took center stage between the two main characters Ella Grey a half-breed vampire and Micah McGregor, a half human, half demon shadowhunter. The book is so carefully strung together, that you simply couldn’t help but get sucked into their playful bantering and over the top sexual chemistry between them as they  struggle viciously at times, with the love/hate relationship that they unwittingly fall into.  Now take away the in-your-face sprinkles of violence, the more than questionable language, and the over the top sex scenes and there is a solid story there. Maybe not to everyone’s taste or liking….I’m still slightly blushing at some of the scenes myself, but I liked the work enough to put out this shout out of sorts, for in my opinion, a very creative and passionate new writer Fayth Devlin.  Can’t promise that this haunting vampire tale has claimed me from my somewhat innocent world of unadulterated YA fantasy fiction, but it sure did have me enjoying my new-found walk on the not so G-rated wild side of books. And yes I’m still blushing!


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