Indie Authors…..Refine and Re-Edit For Your Readers Sake.

Recently I just finished reading two books in two different series, and while I was elated to find that both had well sculpted plots and storylines,  I was struck by a burning desire,  not to plot out the characters next chain of events or sequence of actions…. but that of the writers.  The action of editing to be more specific.  Now as an avid reader and fan of Indie authors in general, I will of course never pinpoint or call out any author specifically.  This is only my attempt to stress the importance that I feel each author owes to their league of readers, no matter how big or small their fan base may be. We buy or download your books for the sheer leisurely enjoyment and or intrigue that your work brings to our lives.  But no one wants to dive into a book only to find typographical errors, omitted words within sentences, or the improper use of a particular word (ex. “There house”, instead of “Their house”). Now I’m no writing expert by any means or on any level, but what I am is a devoted reader.  I’m inspired so much by the arts in general, but well written literature in particular, has a way of touching one’s soul.  So I am slightly disappointed when I encounter careless edits throughout an otherwise extraordinary story.   I do realize that Indie authors aren’t always allotted the same amount of money or resources to secure high-priced editors for their manuscript. But if this was my baby that I was about to share with the world, I would be all over that manuscript, overseeing every sentence, paragraph, and chapter with an eye-snagging fine tooth comb.  Your work represents you and should be at its best for the people, who for their own reasons, choose to follow and support your work.  Like I said, I’m in no way bashing these arguably brilliant talents who bless us with their gift of writing and creativity. I only want to touch on a topic, one that I’m sure has been noticed by more eyes than yours truly, judging by some of the comments that I read from reviewers on various book sites alike. So in closing I’d like to put this out to the general public……..Would a bad editing job sway you to drop your interest in an author?


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