Lyrics and Music…..Fallacy of Summer Trends

Okay, this is another slight slant away from my usual blog love of books, authors, and readers alike.  I have to take on another love of mine (I have many btw) which is music.  I’m not afraid to admit that I too am partial to today’s mainstream bevy of pop, rock, indie, and soul music-makers out there. At this very moment “Call me Maybe” is straying through my head as I’m typing away.  Each summer seems to bring with it a string of catchy, yet at times debatably annoying tunes, that at first have us changing a channel or station to allow a viable escape route for our ears.  That is until we find ourselves at some point soon after humming the chorus to that very song. Now I realize it is inescapable especially during the summer months where many of us are out of school, vacationing, or taking on lengthy road trips and at one time or another are at the mercy of that “summer jam” that is burning up the airwaves, parties, and nightclubs everywhere. But after hearing the same song played on four different radio stations while channel surfing on my way home today I  just had drop a few lines on the matter.  Now I want to stress that this isn’t a post of ranting or dissing any musical artist past or present out there. This actually just came to mind as I was deciding what my next post should entail this week since I haven’t been on here in a good minute. I couldn’t help but think of the songs that have been put out over the past few years or so and wonder what draws us into a particular song or artist, many of which inevitably were slated to fall into that “one hit wonder”  shallow pool of music, living on only through blast from the pasts, classic music tv countdowns grazing the airwaves at random? I mean don’t get me wrong, these summer dance melodies  are usually upbeat, uptempo, feel good type of songs that at times may move or perk up your day. And in some cases lend to cherished memories of good times. So as annoying as some of these summer hit makers  can be, I can’t help but wonder if they actually leave an imprint our most carefree season each year or if many of these songs are even worth the musical hype that bestows them? Like I said, just a random post….that I keyed while my four-year old wiggled and strutted through another round of “Call me maybe”.


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