Readers Dilemma: Indie Vs. Mainstream Authors

Finding myself on the tail-end of finishing another book series, I’m on the hunt for another literary treasure to bask in for the summer.  My last two or three book series I have indulged in this year have been by Indie authors. I have no complaints.  Actually I have nothing but praise for the ones that have been able to put out arguably some of the most intriguing works of fiction worthy of standing side by side with the novel giants flooding the mainstream best seller lists.  Through high-powered networking and book lover sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, and yes even through my Twitter community, I have come across an  array of suggestions, enough to fill my reading agenda for the rest of 2012. Although, as always I am an impassioned supporter of the Indie authors out there,  especially the  ones working tirelessly through various social networking venues to get their books out to the world. I do admit to panning through a best sellers list or two on occasion just to check out the current hot books on the scene today.  So my quandary to kick off my summer reading trail is do I jump on the wave carrying a series currently leading the best seller pack….”50 Shades of Grey” at the moment? Or do I venture back out into the sea of Indie authors in hopes of finding another eclectic literary gem set? Hmm, like I said……Dilemmas…..Dilemmas!


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