FreeStylin’ for Summer….Vicarious Writers Only!

I think I’ve officially caught the summer fever that many of us hear about with the changing seasons each year.  Yes….I too long for the great outdoors and all the carefree primordial summer activities that call out to each of us as the weather takes a turn for the REALLY awesome! Beaches, parties, or simply just finally finding time to catch up with friends that you may have unfortunately had to sideline at times in place of  work or school obligations before being freed from life’s restraints. Now while I completely support unwinding at this half way mark towards the end of the year, I can’t help but want to still lose a part of myself in a year round passion.  One that never tires or bores me, or has me pressed for time that I don’t seem to have enough of, and yet still has enough punch that can fill the occasional leftover time slots in between hanging with friends, the beach, and impromptu road trips with your besties during summer vacation.  The passion that I am throwing out there is for all the casual and professional writers alike.  Your love of a good story.  Whether it is one that you are penning yourself or have been planning to since….oh forever…..why not take a few random moments during the summer months to let your imagination go a little wild.  Freestyle.  Or maybe just finish up an old writing project that you have been putting off in the past. I know it can be so easy to let your writing passions dwindle or fall by the waste side at times when school, tests, or work obligations must prevail.  But I’m going to believe that summer, this particular summer, there is a place for the writer in you to re-emerge and allow that magnificent story and character of yours to take shape, or for some of us,  takeover once more. I mean we all enjoy the great outdoors in summer, but why not pencil in a few stolen moments in between and indulge in your love as a writer and immortalize an idea….or maybe several, in print and release your creativity sporadically this summer. It’s a task, but no great feat too great for the writer in each of us to fill part of this summer by marking it with a little of our own literary summer magic.


5 thoughts on “FreeStylin’ for Summer….Vicarious Writers Only!

  1. Hi, this is very inspiring and motivating! I always read and write a lot more in the summer months! I think the loss of winter’s grip just makes me a lot happier! Thank you for the like and follow! I love the energy in this blog!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m really trying to motivate myself as well and not let another summer slip without indulging in something near and dear to my heart…..My passion for writing.

  2. I concur 100%! I’ve been riding a wave of inspiration lately that definitely comes from the gorgeous weather. Let the summer creativity commence!!!

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