Books…Do you have a theme song for your favorite book or series?

Completely random thought here…..But here goes. Have you ever found yourself so engrossed and captivated by a book or series that you can almost hear a certain theme song pick up during a key part? Maybe that prolific onset of a new-found love story just taking shape or one riding its last wave plummeting to an inevitable end for two star-crossed lovers and  you swear  someone has cued a string of somber violins.  Too many times to count I have turned on the radio in my car while driving and a certain song fills the air and I can almost hear it filling the backdrop of a scene of a book. To me, I have found that music and books intertwine at random times, each highlighting that raw greatness in the other. It may be the avid book lover in me or just the depth and pull that a great writer creates that is so magnetic that you know if your story were to make it to a studio that you could orchestrate the entire playlist for each scene, character, and twist that unwinds.  So I have to ask if any of you have ever found yourselves associating a particular song with a favorite book?  Or maybe it’s just that you find that a certain song bodes perfectly with a certain character. If so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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