Summer Reading Lists……What’s Good?

Not yet summer, but I am already finding myself hungry for my next book series to take on.  And Yes I’ve already tackled the mouth-watering “Hunger Games”.  I’ve been debating about to re-read the “oldies but goodies” the classics that sparked my love of reading to begin with….Po, Dickens, Austen, C.S. Lewis, and yes even Judy Blume, and the countless other authors that many of us fell in love with their works in our youth. I’ve even been scouting Amazon, Goodreads, the local library, and even some of my Twitter “friends” for suggestions on what’s worthy to take on.  In the midst of my pursuit of the perfect summer series I have stumbled upon a fair number of Indie authors.   I’m actually finishing up the “Celestra”, a series that I started in the middle of Spring by a very promising new Indie author by the name of Addison Moore. Wasn’t expecting much when I started her books, but was beyond amazed at how carefully she crafted her modern-day angelic nephilim storyline that keeps you wrapped you up in the plights of her teenage characters. So with this series coming to a close for me,  I am vastly anticipating my next summer literary thrill to fall in love with.  So what’s good out there?


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