Wolves of Mercy Falls…Trilogy Wrap Up

First let me start by saying that I really enjoyed reading this series by Maggie Stiefvater.  For me it was a fresh take on the plight of the forever done story of the lycanthrope or  as more modern-day book readers and movie goers refer to them as werewolves.  I loved the humanity that she created for each of the wolves and the secondary characters in the book.  Maggie is truly amazing at creating these  flawed people, some down right wretched, that pulled you into their despair.  With each book,  she draws you deeper into the characters plights, the tragic circumstances plaguing many of them in the human lives that some were either desperate to get away from or ultimately rescued from.  For me it wasn’t a great series, and I was left slightly disappointed at the conclusion that pretty much left you drawing your own conclusion as to how each of the remaining characters wound up.  But I do think Maggie Stiefvater is a gifted writer and overall I was truly captivated by this series and look forward to reading other works of hers in the future.  So the Scorpio Races are most definitely on the 2012 reading agenda!


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